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Legends of Amberland: The Forgotten Crown – Combat Guide

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The combat starts when the party and at least one monster occupy the same grid tile. Combat is ressolved in turns with the order determined by monster’s natural initiative and character’s position in the party. More monsters can join the combat in the middle. The combat ends when all monsters are defeated or the party is unable to fight (all party members unconscious, paralysed, petrified, etc). After combat the party get’s experience and other loot. All party members get the experience regardless if they are conscious or not.



Combat Interface

* Fight – Repeat the previously used action for this character. Either Attack or Cast Spell.


* Attack – Melee attack.


* Wait – Skip a turn.


* Special Ability (Charge, Strike, Recovery, etc) – Each class has a special combat ability. Such ability can be used once and replenishes itself when the whole part rests. It’s usually a powerful ability best saved for tough situations.


* Cast Spell – Cast a magic spell.


* Spellbook – Select a spell to cast.


* Monsters – Information about the monsters the party is facing.



Position of Party Members

The position of characters determine when they will act and how likely they are to be targeted by monsters.


The central slots are the most dangerous, monsters tend to target central characters the most. Also central slots have the highest initiative and act earlier in combat.


Flank slots are sort of protected, as long as the center holds the flanks won’t get targeted by most monsters.


It’s probably best to put in the center heavily armored knights or dwarves while keeping feeble wizards and healers near safe flanks. Of course you might try a different approach like putting a wizard in the center and greet incoming monsters with a fireball taking advantage of a high initiative of the central slot.


Note that the position of party members can be changed only while outside of combat.


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