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Legends of Amberland: The Forgotten Crown – Magic

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In Amberland only those born with natural magical talent can use magic, unless they turn to sorcery and borrow the powers from dark forces.



Who can use magic

Wizards and Healers are dedicated magic users with the highest magical capabilities.


Bards and Rangers are hybrids between a fighter and a magic user. They can use magic quite well, while having decent melee capabilities, but their magic can’t reach the same level as dedicated magic users.


In addition Elves and Half Elves have access to racial specific magic. Elves have 2 healing spells and Half Elves have 1 healing spell. Those spells can be used regardless of a class (so a Warrior elf can act as a backup healer). But those spell are not too powerful compared to Healer’s magic, yet can be useful in many cases especially since those have very low Arcane requirements.



Arcane & Spells Mastery Levels

New spells are unlocked on level up based of character’s class, but it does not mean you can use them right away. You need a certain amount of Arcane, which determine your overall magic power.


Each spell has 5 mastery levels, to use a spell you need to reach at least the first mastery level. Each spell has a certain Arcane required to reach the next level of spell’s mastery.


Mastery levels determine the power of the spell or the casting cost. Sometimes both. For example Fireball at mastery level 5 deals more damage and costs less Magic Points that at mastery level 1.



Casting spells

To cast a spell you need to have unlocked the spell (level up), have sufficient Arcane (minimum for mastery level 1) and have sufficient Magic Points which are depleted upon casting a spell.


Some spells can be used only during combat.



How to increase Arcane

Since Arcane is the major limiting factor what kind of spells you can use and how powerful those spells are it’s pretty important for a magic user to have it as high as possible.


Arcane can be increased by investing in Knowledge, leveling up (especially dedicated magic users like Wizards and Healers get the biggest bonus to Arcane from leveling) and by using equipment with an Arcane bonus.



How to increase Magic Points

Magic Points are depleted upon casting spells and replenished upon resting.


To increase maximum number of Magic Points you can invest in Willpower or level up. Alternatively you can focus on Arcane which reduces the cost in Magic Points for some spells.


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