Legends of Amberland: The Forgotten Crown – Party Creation Guide


Party Creation

You can start using a predefined party (Quick Start) or assemble one as you wish (New Game).




Character class determine HP, MP, starting attributes, talents, special combat ability, maximum encumbrance, base damage, and base arcane. It also affects free attributes the character gets upon level up.


Knight (Fighter)

Knights are strong and possess extremely high maximum encumbrance which allows them to wear the heaviest armor. They also start well equipped. Best to be positioned in the central slot of the party.

Primary Attributes: Strength, Dexterity

Maximum Encumbrance: 42
HP (Hit Points): 6 + 6 * level
Damage multiplier: x5



Warrior (Fighter)

Warriors are the strongest fighters and possess formidable toughness and maximum encumbrance.

Primary Attributes: Strength, Toughness

Maximum Encumbrance: 28
HP (Hit Points): 6 + 8 * level
Damage multiplier: x6



Ranger (Fighter / Magic user)

Rangers are a mixture of a fighter and a magic user. Capable of using magic similarly to wizard but at a much lower efficiency.

Primary Attributes: Dexterity, Strength

Maximum Encumbrance: 20
HP (Hit Points): 6 + 4 * level
MP (Magic Points): 10 + 2 * level
Damage multiplier: x4
Arcane multiplier: x4



Bard (Fighter / Magic user)

Bards are a mixture of a fighter and a magic user. Capable of healing.

Primary Attributes: Dexterity, Willpower

Maximum Encumbrance: 15
HP (Hit Points): 6 + 3 * level
MP (Magic Points): 10 + 3 * level
Damage multiplier: x3
Arcane multiplier: x4



Healer (Magic user)

Healers are magic users skilled in the art of healing and restoration. Very weak at direct combat, need to be protected by fighters.

Primary Attributes: Willpower, Knowledge

Maximum Encumbrance: 12
HP (Hit Points): 6 + 3 * level
MP (Magic Points): 20 + 4 * level
Damage multiplier: x2
Arcane multiplier: x5
Hit and Evade: -20%



Wizard (Magic user)

Wizards are the most powerful magic users capable of dealing massive damage to enemies. Very weak at direct combat, need to be protected by fighters.

Primary Attributes: Willpower, Knowledge

Maximum Encumbrance: 10
HP (Hit Points): 6 + 2 * level
MP (Magic Points): 20 + 5 * level
Damage multiplier: x2
Arcane multiplier: x5
Hit and Evade: -20%



Racial Classes

There are special racial classes which are limited to certain races only. Those are based on one of the basic classes.


Champion (base class: Knight) (Humans and Half Elves only)

Knight with slightly lower maximum encumbrance. Bonus damage vs sorcerers and warlocks.

Maximum encumbrance -7 (compared to Knight)
Damage multiplier: -1x (compared to Knight)


Troubadour (base class: Bard) (Humans only)

Bard with lower healing capabilities but better support magic.


Mage Knight (base class: Knight) (Elves only)

Knight with a much lower maximum encumbrance but access to some offensive magic.

Maximum encumbrance -12 (compared to Knight)
HP (Hit Points): -2 * level (compared to Knight)
MP (Magic Points): 10 + 2 * level (Knight has none)
Damage multiplier: -x1 (compared to Knight)
Arcane multiplier: x4 (Knight has none)


Sage (base class: Wizard) (Elves and Half Elves only)

Wizard with a limited access to healing spells.


Troll Slayer (base class: Warrior) (Dwarves only)

Warrior with higher health and guaranteed critical hit vs all kinds of trolls. Can’t use shields and has one less accessory slot.

Maximum encumbrance +2 (compared to Warrior)
HP (Hit Points): +1 * level (compared to Warrior)


Battlesmith (base class: Ranger) (Dwarves only)

Ranger with higher health but lower magical capabilities. Can use fire spells and has access to some support magic.

HP (Hit Points): +1 * level (compared to Ranger)
MP (Magic Points): -1 * level (compared to Ranger)
Arcane multiplier: -x1 (compared to Ranger)



Special Combat Abilities

Each class has an unique combat ability which can be used once (then the party needs to rest to replenish it). Such ability can target all party members, single characters or a monster.


Charge (Knights)
* special attack targetting all monsters


Strike (Warriors)
* special attack, guaranteed hit


Stun (Rangers)
* special attack, makes target monster skip next attack


Play Song (Bards)
* remove Afraid
* restore 10% HP
* restore 10% MP


Focus (Wizards)
Target: ON SELF
* restore 33% MP


Recovery (Healers)
* fallen characters back to Conscious
* restore 25% HP




Characters have talents based on their class. Talents determine the secondary use of Knowledge attribute is used.


Tactics (Knights and Warriors)

Knowledge increases Critical Hit Chance.



Awareness (Rangers and Bards)

Knowledge is added to Dexterity for the purpose of Evade calculations.

Knowledge reduces damage from traps.



Arcane Mastery (Wizards and Healers)

Knowledge bonus to Arcane doubled.





Humans are the youngest and the most abundant race in Amberland. The most versatile race. No special abilities.

* They require 5% less experience to level up.



Half Elves

When humans wander too long in forests they might meet a beautiful elf princess or something. If they get attracted to the elven beauty then a half elf might be born.

* Can use “Eleven Song” spell regardless of class.

* Slightly lower Strength and slightly higher Willpower.


Perfect choice if you want a Knight or Warrior that can use a bit of magic.




The oldest race in Amberland. Long living and proficient in magic.

* Can use “Eleven Song” and “Elven Touch” spells regardless of class.

* Additional +1 MP (Magic Point) per level.

* Lower starting Strength and higher starting Willpower.

* -1 to Maximum Encumbrance (need to wear lighter equipment).

* They require 5% more experience to level up which makes them level up slower than other races.




Masters of digging in the underground. But some drop this noble profession and become adventurers.

* Additional +10% to Critical Hit Chance when using axes.

* +1 to Maximum Encumbrance (can wear heavier equipment).

* Lower starting Willpower and higher starting Strength.




Each race is further divided into subraces. For example Elves can be Wood Elves, High Elves or Grey Elves. A character gets all perks and penalties of the selected race and subrace.


Each subrace has at least one (up to three) perk affecting attributes (+1 Attribute X every Y levels) and usually another perk such as a bonus to maximum encumbrance, inborn resistance or immunity, etc. Inborn resistance and immunities are marked with “*” on the character screen.


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