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LEGO® MARVEL Super Heroes 2 – Kree-search and Development – Free Play Mode

21 November 2017, Tuesday, 17:19:22


Kree-search and Development – Free Play Mode

Area 1: Canister 1: Use magic on 5 pots. The first is to the left of your starting point, above the door. The second is to the left of Canister 6, on a slightly higher ledge. The third can be found after travelling through the grate. The fourth is in between the two power cores, and the fifth is just before the presses.


Canister 2: Once you restore the power, head back left and use the fuse box to reveal this.


Canister 3: Destroy the gold object at the start of the conveyor belt to receive this.


Canister 4: Destroy the gold part of a moving arm on the conveyor belt to receive this.


Canister 5: Fill up the chi altar with chi to reveal this.


Canister 6: Slightly to the left of Stan Lee is a beam on the ceiling. This Canister is on it, hidden behind the blue stripe.


Stan Lee in Peril: Put out the fires around him, then destroy the robot parts to rescue him.


Canister 7: Shatter the glass object right before the exit to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a shield panel, then use it to open the gate, allowing you to collect this.


Area 2: Canister 8: Shatter 5 glass hammers held by statues of Ronin. All 5 are scattered around the room.


Canister 9: Destroy the silver doghouses, then dig up the LEGO pieces for this.


Character Card: Use magic on the gears on the right to reveal a chest. Use the super strength handle on it to open it, allowing you to collect this.


Canister 10: This is directly behind Ronin’s throne.


Character Card: Hobgoblin (250,000)


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