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LEGO® MARVEL Super Heroes 2 – K’un-Lun Konundrum – Free Play Mode

21 November 2017, Tuesday, 17:12:48


K’un-Lun Konundrum – Free Play Mode

Area 1: Canister 1: Head immediately left from your starting point to reach this.

Canister 2: Fly up to the ledge in the back, then scan to reveal a bell. Destroy it to reveal this.

Canister 3: After crossing the rope, head back and stand on the brown platform. Use mind control on the skeleton, then follow the stud trail. Switch to the other skeleton, allowing you to collect this.

Canister 4: While standing near the hut with the rotary handle inside, fly straight up and to the right to reach a ledge. Destroy the silver dragon statue to reveal the LEGO pieces for this.

Stan Lee in Peril: Fly up onto a ledge on the upper left, then cut through the vines to rescue him.

Canister 5: Fly up to a ledge on the upper right, then shoot the gongs in the correct order (blue, red, green) to reveal this.

Canister 6: Head along the path past the fireworks to find a yin-yang symbol. Turn time forwards to reveal two targets. Shoot them, then turn time backward to open the door, allowing you to collect this.

Area 2: Canister 7: Head towards the screen for awhile to reach this.

Canister 8: Destroy 5 small nests. The first is towards the screen on the way to Canister 7. The other 4 are in rather obvious places.

Canister 9: Put out the fires on the left to reveal the LEGO pieces for this.

Canister 10: Destroy the objects in the top right corner to reveal a dig site. Dig up a gold chest, then destroy it to reveal this.

Character Card: Use magic on the backpack in the lower right corner to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a gravity booster, then use it to receive this.

Character Card: Colleen Wing (150,000)


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