LEGO® MARVEL Super Heroes 2 – Manhattan/Avenger’s Mansion


Manhattan/Avenger’s Mansion

Gold Bricks

Gold Brick 1: Destroy the glowing balloons in front of a store to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into tiles, then shatter the glass windows, allowing you to enter the store. Push the box to the end of the tiles, then hop up the platforms and travel through the grate. Smash the glowing yellow balloon to reveal this.


Gold Brick 2: Time to help someone put on a play. Follow the wires to find a broken machine. Repair it to reveal LEGO pieces by the trailer. Build them into a jack, then use it to reveal a cracked block. Smash it to reveal the actor. Take a seat and watch the play to receive this.


Gold Brick 3: Fly up to the top of Oscorp to reach the Tinkerer’s trial. Reach the top and press the button to reveal this.


Gold Brick 4: Fly into the symbol on the Kronos building, then charge the generator to open an elevator on the roof. Build the LEGO pieces into a Groot panel, then use it to open the elevator, allowing you to collect this.


Gold Brick 5: Fly to the top of a building and you will find someone in a maze. Use mind control to take control of him, then turn the green wheel. Follow the path that opens up and push the block to the edge of the tiles, then turn the red wheel. Follow the path to the green wheel and turn it, then turn the red wheel. Head back and turn the first red wheel, then head to the bathroom, revealing this.


Gold Brick 6: Fly to the top of the Roxxon building, then destroy some objects to reveal a fuse box. Use it to remove the bars, allowing you to climb the ladder and reach this.


Gold Brick 7: Destroy a gold dumpster to reveal a grate. Travel through it, then use the fuse box to rescue the person inside. Smash the cash register to reveal this.





Cosplaying Hooky: Talk to Squirrel Girl and she will ask you to help her look for her missing cosplayer. Follow her around and defeat the enemies to reach M.O.D.O.K. You need the password for the cell. Talk to all the A.I.M. scientists to find out the password. Talk to Squirrel Girl and tell her the relevant information (the name of the guy’s cat and that the person who set up the password used his pet’s name) to complete this quest. You can now purchase Squirrel Girl for 50,000 studs.


Park Patrol: Talk to Chipmunk Hunk and Koi Boi and they will ask you to help you clean up the park. Defeat the enemies to complete this quest. You can now purchase Chipmunk Hunk for 50,000 studs.


Major Problem: Talk to Ursa Major and he will ask you to help him save his comrades. Follow him and defeat the enemies, then fight Darkstar. Avoid her attacks, then defeat the enemies that appear. Hit her when she’s vulnerable. Once her health is depleted, follow Ursa Major. Defeat the enemies, then get ready to fight Crimson Dynamo. Smack him around to defeat him. Follow Ursa Major and defeat the enemies, then get ready to fight Red Guardian. Hit him when he’s vulnerable to defeat him, completing this quest. You can now purchase Ursa Major for 500,000 studs.


Get-Rich-Quack Scheme: Talk to Howard the Duck and he will ask you to talk to some people. Head to the markers and talk to the civilians, then return to Howard the Duck. Tell him about the prospector and the waterlogged treasure. You can now purchase Howard the Duck for 50,000 studs.


Rookie Round-Up: Talk to Nick Fury and he will ask you to find the missing S.H.I.E.L.D. rookies. Head to the markers on the map, then defeat the enemies around each agent, then talk to them to send them back to Fury. Completing this quest will allow you to purchase Nick Fury for 150,000 studs.


Pictures for Parker: Talk to Aunt May and she will ask you to take some pictures for her. Head over to Egypt and take a picture with Kang’s Citadel, the Sphinx, and Attilan in it, then return to Aunt May to complete this quest. This will allow you to purchase Aunt May for 10,000 studs.


Wonder Wear: Talk to Wonder Man and he will ask you to create a custom character. Create a custom character with the Teddy Bear helmet and body, then return to Wonder Man to complete this quest, allowing you to purchase Wonder Man for 250,000 studs.





Vision: Complete the race that begins on the roof of Avenger’s Mansion within 1 minute 45 seconds, allowing you to purchase him for 250,000 studs.


Songbird: Complete a motorcycle race within 2 minutes, allowing you to purchase her for 150,000 studs.


Winter Soldier: Complete a van race within 1 minute 45 seconds, allowing you to purchase him for 150,000 studs.




Stan Lee in Peril

Stan Lee in Peril 1: Repair a snowplow in a park to destroy the snowman trapping Stan Lee.


Stan Lee in Peril 2: Use the teleportation panel inside a building near K’un-Lun, then use magic to repair the painting, allowing you to reach the bottom floor. Drop down, then shatter the glass to rescue him.


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