Lego The Hobbit Cheats



How to activate codes: You can enter these codes from the game’s Main Menu then selecting “Extras” Options and then “Enter Code”. After which you can activate the cheats in the menu.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Blu-ray and DVD has the following special code in the box.

Sauron — OARA3D (the O is the letter o)

Here are the rest of the cheat codes, organized in alphabetical order by character name.

Alfrid — FAVZTR
Azog (Claw) — 84ZZSI
Bain — W5Z6AC
Bard — UER3JG
Barliman Butterbur — XTVM8C
Barrow-wight — 555R9C
Beorn — KEID2V
Bolg — ZIBYHO (the O is the letter o)
Braga — MXUXKO (the O is the letter o)
Elros — H2CAID
Fimbul — THAVRM
Galadriel — 00TE7J (the two 0′s are the numbers zero)
Gollum — 3CE37P
Grinnah — TPD7YW
Lindir — V4Y5HZ
Master of Lake-town — 9NOK35 (the O is the letter o)
Narzug — 4FYKKB
Necromancer — NM3I2O (the O is the letter o)
Percy — 74KN31
Peter Jackson (Bree) — 5OJEUC (the O is the letter o)
Rosie Cotton — TB4S6J
Thror (Armoured) — SYKSXF
Tom Bombadil — 4Y95TJ
Witch-king — V8AHMJ
Yazneg — S6VV33



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