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LEGO® The Incredibles – Elastigirl On The Case – Story Mode Walkthrough

3 July 2018, Tuesday, 13:41:45

Elastigirl On The Case – Story Mode

Boss: Screenslaver
Starting Characters: Elastigirl (Devtech), Reflux
True Super: 95,000


1. Head towards the screen. Eventually you will realize you are alone and will stop sneaking around. Head to the left and use the stretch point, then climb up as Reflux. Cross the beam, then cut through the gold panel to reveal an Incredibrick. Collect it, then head to the right. Destroy the gold objects under the bookshelf to reveal the entrance to a maze. Head through the maze, pulling the levers as you go, to reach the Incredibrick at the end. Push the bookcase to the right to allow you to exit the maze. Destroy the glowing objects to the right of the maze entrance to reveal a winch. Pick it up and place it in the slot on the right, then turn it to reveal the final Incredibrick. Complete the family build to build a robotic arm. Turn the rotary handle to open the door. Head towards the table. After the cutscene, it will be time to face Screenslaver. Avoid his attacks, then attack him when he’s vulnerable. Take out all his health to trigger a cutscene.



2. Run down the hallway, then smash the plank on the door to open it. Head through the opening.



3. Use the grapple point to reveal a stretch point. Use it, then climb up as Reflux. Push the fuse box along the tiles to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a cannon, then use the Elastigirl panel. Destroy the gold fuse to create an opening, then head inside.



4. Head down the hallway.



5. Use the grapple point to reveal a gold panel, then destroy it. Hop up the blocks, then continue down the hallway to end the level.


Unlocked Characters: Reflux



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