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LEGO® The Incredibles – House Parr-ty – Free Play Mode Walkthrough

9 July 2018, Monday, 21:09:08

House Parr-ty – Free Play Mode

Area 1: Canister 1: Use telekinesis on the light fixture above your starting point to align it, then climb up it to reach this.


Canister 2: Put out the fire in the kitchen, then step on the button to reveal this.


Canister 3: Charge the generator in the kitchen to reveal a valve. Turn it to start playing a videogame. Steer the car past the boxes to reach the truck and collect this.


Canister 4: After the silver disco ball appears, destroy it to reveal this.


Canister 5: Stretch through the vent on the upper level to reach this inside Dash’s room.


Canister 6: Use super destroy to destroy the Mr. Incredible poster, revealing this.


Area 2: Canister 7: Launch projectiles at Screech, Reflux and Helectrix in the back of the area. Hit all 3 of them to receive this.


Canister 8: Use the grapple point on the tree on the left to reveal the LEGO pieces for this.


Canister 9: Dig up the LEGO pieces for this.


Canister 10: Follow the trail on the left to reveal the LEGO pieces for this.


Minikit Vehicle: Micro Incredibile


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