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LEGO® The Incredibles – House Parr-ty – Story Mode Walkthrough

3 July 2018, Tuesday, 18:07:44

House Parr-ty – Story Mode

Enemies: Screenslaver Goon
Boss: Krushauer, Brick
Starting Characters: Dash, Violet, Frozone
Added Characters: Jack-Jack
True Super: 35,000


1. Destroy the glowing table to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a rotary handle, then turn it to reveal a generator. Stand near it so Helectrix throws electricity at you, powering the generator. Stand in Violet’s force field as Dash and run in the ball socket to power the house, then freeze the water to defeat Helectrix. Head to the back of the room to reveal Screech. Destroy the violet objects, then collect the LEGO pieces. Build a microphone, then run Dash through the toxic goo. Run in the wheel to power the microphone, defeating Screech. Build the LEGO pieces into a run point, then use it to reach the upper ledge. Use the freeze point to create an ice wall, then climb up. Use Violet’s stealth to hop across the blocks, then use the technology panel.



2. Jack-Jack has been added to your party. Time to take on Brick. Avoid her attacks, then hit her when she’s stunned to take out her health. Once she’s defeated, Krushauer will appear. Destroy the gold objects in the pile to knock him down. Smack him and he will team up with Brick. Stand behind the rock piles that appear to lure Brick into charging them. Collect the Incredibricks that appear. Once you have 3, complete the family build. Use one of the consoles and follow the button prompts to complete the level.


Unlocked Characters: Voyd



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