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LEGO® The Incredibles – Hover Train Hijinx – Story Mode Walkthrough

3 July 2018, Tuesday, 13:37:33

Hover Train Hijinx – Story Mode

Enemies: Hypnotized Passenger, Drone
Starting Characters: Elastigirl (Devtech), Helectrix
True Super: 135,000


1. Simply drive around, avoiding the obstacles and collecting as many studs as you can.



2. Head to the right, then jump down and grab the first Incredibrick. Hop over to the left train car, then use the vent to pull the lever inside, opening up the door. Head to the left, then use the grapple point to pull open the door. Grab the Incredibrick, then build the LEGO pieces into a generator. Charge it up to connect the train cars, then continue to the right. Destroy the glowing carts, then use the technology panel to open the barrier in the back. Destroy the remaining glowing objects to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a can of Mr. Pop, then use the grapple point on it to launch it through the door on the right. Continue to the right and grab the Incredibrick, then hop across the gap. Use the vent, then destroy the fuse boxes to open up the next train car. Hop across the blocks, then defeat the enemies to open the door on the left. Head to the left, then grab the Incredibrick. Turn the winch to reveal a generator, then charge it to open the door. Use the stretch panel to create a bridge, then climb the ladder and cross it as Helectrix. Charge the generator that appears to connect the train cars, then continue to the left. Complete the family build to build a grapple gun, then turn the rotary handle on it to complete the level.


Unlocked Characters: Elastigirl (Devtech)



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