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LEGO® The Incredibles – Municiberg: Outer Municiberg – Exploration

9 July 2018, Monday, 20:04:24

Municiberg: Outer Municiberg – Exploration

Gold Bricks

Gold Brick 1: Repair the farmer’s telescope to reveal this.

Gold Brick 2: On the barn roof.

Gold Brick 3: Complete an air race within 1 minute 10 seconds to receive this.

Gold Brick 4: On the roof of Edna’s home.

Gold Brick 5: Edna’s pool is guarded by lasers. Use a force field to bypass them, then sink down to reach this.

Gold Brick 6: By a tree on the side of a dirt path.

Gold Brick 7: Follow the trail by the lake in Camp Hero to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a fire, then light it to burn down the plants guarding this.

Gold Brick 8: Underwater in Camp Hero.

Gold Brick 9: Destroy a glowing treasure chest underwater by the Residential district.

Gold Brick 10: In a small forested clearing.

Gold Brick 11: Complete a ground race within 1 minute to receive this.




Incredibrick 1: In a box on the outskirts of the farm.

Incredibrick 2: On the side of the barn.

Incredibrick 3: On the roof of the barn.

Incredibrick 4: In the upper balcony of Edna’s home.

Incredibrick 5: Outside a cabin in Camp Hero.

Incredibrick 6: On the Camp Hero boardwalk.

Incredibrick 7: On the roof of the New Parr Family Home.

Incredibrick 8: On a dirt path by the border with the Residential district.

Incredibrick 9: In the pool of the New Parr Family Home.

Incredibrick 10: Jump the large ramp to fly through this.

Incredibrick 11: On top of some hay bales.

Incredibrick 12: In one of the corn fields.

Incredibrick 13: On top of a hay bale.



Family Builds

The Grain Silo: This can be found by the farm and requires 5 Incredibricks to complete. Completing this build will unlock Spot.



Red Power Bricks

Classic Mode: After completing the ‘The Grain Silo’ Pixar family build, dig up some LEGO pieces nearby, then build them onto the grain silo, revealing this.



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