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LEGO® The Incredibles – Municiberg: Tourist District – Exploration

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Municiberg: Tourist District – Exploration

Gold Bricks

Gold Brick 1: Destroy three violet objects. The first is by the statue with the Gold Brick inside. The second is by the Happy Platter diner. The third is in front of the building to the east of the stadium. Once you have destroyed all three objects, head back to the statue and build the violet LEGO pieces into a bat, smashing the statue and allowing you to collect this.


Gold Brick 2: On the roof of the Happy Platter Diner.


Gold Brick 3: Inside a car in a parking lot on the north side of the district.


Gold Brick 4: Complete an underwater race within 1 minute and 15 seconds to receive this.


Gold Brick 5: Destroy a treasure chest underwater to reveal this.


Gold Brick 6: Complete a ground race within 55 seconds to receive this.


Gold Brick 7: On the side of a building, floating in the air.


Gold Brick 8: On the roof of Municiberg Stadium.


Gold Brick 9: Inside the AC vent on top of the hotel.




Incredibrick 1: On the dock with the ‘Boat Trips’ sign.


Incredibrick 2: On top of the Municiberg Pier building.


Incredibrick 3: On top of the building at the entrance to the Municiberg Pier.


Incredibrick 4: Underwater underneath the bridge to the Financial District.


Incredibrick 5: On the southern docks.


Incredibrick 6: Behind the helicopter on the landing pad to the south.


Incredibrick 7: On a very small rock island in the water by the stadium.


Incredibrick 8: On the roof of the building below the ‘IS’ in TOURIST


Incredibrick 9: On the roof of a building above the ‘R’ in TOURIST


Incredibrick 10: On the roof of the cinema.


Incredibrick 11: Behind some dumpsters by the on-ramp to the overpass.


Incredibrick 12: On top of the motel sign.



Family Builds

Pizza Planet: This can be found on the district’s west side and requires 5 Incredibricks to complete. Completing this family build unlocks Woody.


Ferris Wheel: This can be found on the Municiberg Pier and requires 3 Incredibricks to complete.



Red Power Bricks

Stud Magnet: After completing the ‘Pizza Planet’ Pixar family build, use the grapple point on the large rocket to reveal a valve. Pick it up and place it on the claw machine inside, then turn it to reveal this.


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