LEGO® The Incredibles – New Urbem: Downtown – Crime Wave

New Urbem: Downtown – Crime Wave

Sundae Blues: Talk to Ice Cream Guy and he will ask you to clean up a toxic waste spill. Head over to the truck, then walk through the safe path and turn the valve to clean up the spill. Hop in the truck and drive it to the garage. You will then be tasked with rescuing Froyo Jo. Head to the marker and defeat the 6 Brainfreezer goons that appear to complete this quest.


Ice Scream: Talk to the Police Officer and he will ask you to rescue some civilians. Head to the markers and destroy the glowing rubble to rescue one civilian. Use the grapple point to rescue another civilian, then put out the fires to rescue the third civilian. After rescuing the civilians, you will be tasked with disposing of three bombs. Head to the markers and destroy the bomb stands, then ride the bombs over to the disposal site. One of the bombs is on a roof. To reach it, destroy the glowing dumpster to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a dash panel, then use it to reach the roof with the bomb. Dispose of the bombs to complete this quest.


Frosty Reception: After completing the previous two quests, talk to Sally Sundae. Time to fight Brainfreezer. Avoid her attacks, then hit her when she’s stunned to damage her. Take out her health to defeat her.


Unlocked Characters: Brainfreezer


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