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LEGO® The Incredibles – New Urbem: Waterfront – Crime Wave

10 June 2018, Sunday, 18:22:20

New Urbem: Waterfront – Crime Wave

The Ice Cream Bandits: Talk to Benjamin and he will ask you to return his stolen ice cream. Chase down the thief, then return the ice cream to Benjamin. He will then ask you to defend 3 ice cream stands. Head to each of the markers on the map, then defeat the enemies at each location. Protect all 3 stalls to complete this quest.


A Sticky Situation: Talk to Sally Sundae and she will ask you to rescue 3 trapped civilians. Head to the markers and destroy the ice cream piles on top of the civilians to rescue them. Return to Sally Sundae and she will ask you to recover the stolen ice cream truck. Head over to the marker and defeat the enemies, then hop inside the truck. Follow the guide studs and park the truck in the circle to complete this quest.


Unlocked Characters: Brainfreezer Monster Goon



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