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LEGO® The Incredibles – Nomanisan Island – Free Play Mode Walkthrough

11 July 2018, Wednesday, 0:25:31

Nomanisan Island – Free Play Mode

Area 1: Canister 1: Burrow into the tunnel to the right of your starting point, then head to the left to collect this.


Canister 2: Use telekinesis on 3 rock piles to create pillars. The first is to the left of your starting point. The second is on the right bank of the river that you have to cross on the vines.


Canister 3: Hop into the river you have to cross to get swept to a lower lever. Destroy the gold object behind the waterfall to reveal this.


Canister 4: After collecting Canister 3, hop up the pillars in the foreground to reach this.


Canister 5: Destroy the cobwebs in front of a dark alcove (to the left of the Omnidroid arm you jump over), then enter it to reach this.


Canister 6: Follow the trail in front of the large box to reveal this.


Area 3: Canister 7: Put out the fires on the 4 flowers hanging on the back wall to receive this.


Canister 8: Hop up the pillars on the right side, then hop onto the ledge with this.


Area 4: Canister 9: Destroy the 5 rocks on the edge of the main platform.


Canister 10: Fly to the ledge on the left, then use the grapple point to pull down the rocks, revealing this.


Minikit Vehicle: Micro Axiom



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