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LEGO® The Incredibles – Nomanisan Island – Free Play Mode Walkthrough

5 July 2018, Thursday, 7:04:00

Nomanisan Island – Free Play Mode

Enemies: Security Drone
Boss: Omnidroid
Starting Characters: Mr. Incredible (Golden Age), Frozone
True Super: 110,000


1. Follow the stud trail to the right, then glide across the water as Frozone. Freeze the waterfall to create a wall, then climb up. Swing across the poles, then grab the railing to lower some vines, allowing Mr. Incredible to join you. Smash the cracked block to reveal a large rock. Pick it up and throw it into the plant on the right, clearing the path. Continue to the right, then hop onto the rocks. Grab the railing, then hop up to the left. Hop across the blocks, then shimmy across the ledge. Smash the plants in your way, then jump over the robot arm. Continue to the right, then destroy the large box to reveal a multi-build. Build the left object to create a puddle of water. Freeze it, then build the right multi-build object. Pull the super strength handle to cut down the plants.



2. Enjoy the ride! Collect studs and hop over the gaps that appear.



3. Time to fight the Omnidroids. This one is nice and simple. Freeze the waterfall, then stand in front of the ice ramp until the Omnidroid targets you. Move out of the way and the Omnidroid will run up the ramp and get stuck in the ground. Smack it around to take out it’s health.



4. Mr. Incredible’s turn. Hop across the rocks to the main platform. Collect the first Incredibrick, then avoid the Omnidroid’s slam attacks. Eventually it will slam itself in the center and reveal large rocks. Pick the three rocks up and throw them at the Omnidroid to damage it. After throwing the three rocks at the Omnidroid, use the Incredible point to pick up the rock slab. Move it to the right to grab the second Incredibrick, then toss it into the lava. Frozone will then join you. Hop up the rocks and pillars to reach the final Incredibrick. Complete the family build to build a cuckoo clock. Turn the winch on it to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, take out the Omnidroid’s health (an ice beam works well here), then use the super strength handle to end the level.


Unlocked Characters: Bob Parr (Workout)



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