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LEGO® The Incredibles – Revelations – Story Mode Walkthrough

3 July 2018, Tuesday, 13:39:23

Revelations – Story Mode

Enemies: Raccoon, Hypnotized Security Guard
Starting Characters: Jack-Jack Parr (Diaper)
Added Characters: Elastigirl (Devtech), Helectrix
True Super: 45,000


1. Hang out for a bit as the raccoon scrounges in the trashcan. Build the LEGO pieces that appear into a chicken leg, then use telekinesis to throw it at the raccoon. Destroy the gold trashcan, then follow the button prompts to tussle with the raccoon. Destroy all of the objects by the pool to reveal LEGO pieces. Build the left object to construct a crossbow, then turn the winch to destroy the raccoon’s water cannon. Follow the button prompts to fight the raccoon some more, then destroy the gold umbrella handle. Follow the button prompts to fight the raccoon some more.



2. You are now in control of Elastigirl (Devtech) and Helectrix. Shimmy across the railing to the right, then drop down onto the wing. Target the red object to reveal LEGO pieces, then build them into a wall run panel. Use it to cross to the other side of the helicopter, then climb the ladder. Follow the button prompts, then hop up the railing and climb the ladder. Destroy the glowing table to reveal LEGO pieces, then build them into a grapple point, then use it to tear down the wall. Head to the left and charge the generator, then head back to the right and use the technology panel. Use the vent, then smack the fuse box to shut off the screens, triggering a cutscene. Use the stretch point to create a bridge, then cross it as Helectrix. Drop down onto the wing, then swing across the gap. Helectrix will stand on the button, revealing a grapple point. Use it, then follow the button prompts. Use the technology panel to reveal pillars, then jump across them. Destroy the glowing red object on the left wall to reveal a vent, then use it to hit the button, opening the door. Charge the generator to reveal LEGO pieces. Build the right object, then turn the winch to knock the screens to the left. Build the center object, then stretch up to the button to activate it. Build the left object, then hop on the button to knock the screens to the right, ending the level.


Unlocked Characters: Jack-Jack Parr (Diaper)



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