LEGO® The Incredibles Review

LEGO® The Incredibles Review

It’s common for the average gamer to see a game and automatically dismiss it because it’s based off the film/films but LEGO games have always proved that their movie based games are great and possess lots of unlockables and repayability. If you are familiar with LEGO games, you know that every game has some features which drastically set it apart from one another. Tt games is always trying to raise the bar, LEGO The Incredibles is no excpetion.



What’s different? What separates this game from past LEGO games?

-Crime Waves Are Back
-An Open World WITH Day/Night Cycle
-LEGO pieces have proper weight and gravity to them
-Water physics
-U.I feature added: Stud Meter
-Progress report graph after every level
-Reflective mapping
-Build energy to perform super-move
-Character Customizer by Edna Mode



Story-Wise you’re getting both The Incredibles films as well as the game’s very own original storyline and activities scattered throughout the open world hub. So as with most LEGO movies, you’re getting multiple storylines. It’s nice to see that Tt continues to put this effort in their games.



The open world hub is expansive and varied from cityscape to underwater areas. From islandy type places to jungles and more.



Characters, you get the Parr family, friends, villains from the movies plus all the heroes and villains from the lore that’s not in the movies and a few characters from other Pixar movies as well. So if you think that there is a shortage of characters, think again. There are over 113 characters.



The combat seems to have taken a step up from Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 and Ninjago, which each had their own cool little things in combat making them the most complex LEGO combat systems – til now. Charge up moves, special moves, throws, etc.



Now i will list the pros and cons – which keep in mind, are only a matter of opinion.




-Lengthy game, much like most other LEGO games, you’re getting your money’s worth. This is easily going to take a completionist over 100 hours
-The graphics and the color palette are different than any other Lego game, think half Pixar and half Lego in some cases
-The effects are gorgeous. Things like forcefields beautiful, I really wish these effects were in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 1 and 2
-Character Customizer is just as in-depth as LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, if not more. Can you believe it!
-Physics in Water, metals, bricks have been revamped, allowing to immerse you further into the world
-Powers are expanded up from other past games (explained further below)
-For the first time ever, team up your powers with other characters to do crazy stuff




-Some people will not like Mr. Incredible’s torso. This was thought to be a custom torso but it’s actually not, it’s a torso that used to be used for medium figs and hasn’t been seen for awhile. Some people argue that it isn’t right for Mr. Incredible’s character.
-Re-used idle animations from past LEGO games. This probably won’t bother many but it disappointed me a little because I am the type of person who likes to look at that kind of stuff.
-Eyes behind masks are lacking in detail. Sometimes they look just TOO simple, even for a LEGO game
-Texture Pop in for further distances
-Flying controls need to be patched a bit



Closing thoughts:

The game is worth the money in my opinion, it’s another step in the right direction for LEGO games. It may not be “unique” among the usual LEGO superhero games (you have the fantastic 4 types, the speedster, the flyers, etc.) but there are enough new features and personality to make LEGO The incredibles stand out to make it worth your time. Along with the fact that it has Pixar charm.


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