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LEGO® The Incredibles – Screenslaver Showdown – Story Mode Walkthrough

4 July 2018, Wednesday, 7:27:31

Screenslaver Showdown – Story Mode

Boss: Frozone, Mr. Incredible, Voyd

Starting Characters: Violet, Dash

Added Characters: Jack-Jack, Elastigirl (Devtech), Frozone

True Super: 130,000


1. Head down the path and to the right, then destroy the glowing objects to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a ball socket, then use it with Dash in Violet’s force field to reveal a wheel. Run inside it to open the door, then continue down the path. Use stealth to sneak past Voyd, then turn the valve to knock it off the wall. Pick it up and head back left, them place the valve in the socket. Turn it to reveal a travel chute. Travel through it, then head towards the screen and to the right. Turn the valve to cause a distraction, then head back through the travel chute. Continue to the right and slide under the garage door, then pull the lever to raise it up. Continue to the right, then use the technology panel to open the elevator door. Head inside.



2. Head down the hallway, then destroy the violet objects to reveal violet LEGO pieces. Collect them, then build them into a rattle, convincing Jack-Jack to destroy the door. Jack-Jack will then be added to your party. Head into the room, then smash the cracked wall in the back. Collect the Incredibrick, then head to the right. Use telekinesis on the oven to reveal another Incredibrick. The final Incredibrick can be found by going into the fires on the left. Once you have all 3 Incredibricks, complete the family build, then use the ball socket (with Dash in Violet’s force field) to put out the fires in the room.



3. Elastigirl (Devtech) has been added to your party. Avoid Mr. Incredible’s attacks, then hit him when he’s stunned to damage him. Hit him three times, then crawl through the travel chute that appears on the right. Destroy the glowing objects to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a wheel, then run in it. Build the LEGO pieces into an Elastigirl panel, then use it to grab Frozone. Freeze the ice to rescue Frozone, adding him to your party. Voyd will then appear. Freeze the ice to create a Ramp up to Voyd, ending the level.


Unlocked Characters: Jack-Jack

Brick (Minifigure)


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