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LEGO® The Incredibles – The Final Showdown – Free Play Mode Walkthrough

13 July 2018, Friday, 8:55:42

The Final Showdown – Free Play Mode

Area 1: Canister 1: Cut through the gold panel on the truck to the left to reveal this.


Canister 2: Put out the fires in front of a small cave, allowing you to reach this.


Canister 3: On the right side of the ledge you’re thrown to is a glass door. Scream to destroy it, then head into the alcove where this is.


Canister 4: Go through the teleport panel by the chute to reach this.


Canister 5: Send a drone through the pipe in the construction site and hit the button to reveal this.


Canister 6: Burrow through the tunnel in the construction site to reveal the LEGO pieces for this.


Canister 7: Build the right multi-build object to call in a drone with this Canister. Destroy the drone to collect it.


Area 2: Canister 8: Destroy 4 objects to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into window displays. The first is immediately to the left of the Omnidroid. The second is on the ledge on the left. The third is on the right side. The fourth is on the ledge on the right side.


Canister 9: After placing the left side of the family build pad in its slot, build the LEGO pieces that appear on the right into bowling pins. Run into them with your force field up to reveal this.


Canister 10: This is simply in the air on the right side.


Minikit Vehicle: Micro Pizza Planet Truck



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