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LEGO® The Incredibles – The Golden Years – Free Play Mode Walkthrough

11 July 2018, Wednesday, 0:22:00

The Golden Years – Free Play Mode

Area 1: Canister 1: There are two ways to get this. Either hop in the water slide and ride down to collect this, or just dive down to grab it.


Canister 2: Build the right multi-build object, then use the super strength handle on it to bust up the wall to the office. Hop inside, then repair the copy machine to reveal this.


Canister 3: After collecting Canister 2, continue to the right and climb up the wall, then hop onto the ledge on the left to reach this.


Canister 4: You need to destroy 3 boxes to reveal the LEGO pieces for chicken coops. The first is to the right of the first vent you stretch through. The second is to the left of the greenhouse that contains Canister 5. The third is to the left of the large radio tower you lift up.


Canister 5: Use the technology panel in a greenhouse to water a flower, revealing this.


Canister 6: On the building you swing to, send a drone through the pipe to reveal this.


Area 2: Canister 7: Destroy 3 bombs to reveal LEGO pieces which you can build into alarms. The first is on the left pillar in the back. The second is to the right of the hallway. The third is on the left side of the hallway.


Canister 8: Freeze the freeze point on the fountain to reveal this.


Canister 9: Pull the super strength handle in the maze to reveal this, then switch to your partner to grab it.


Canister 10: Head to the upper left corner of the maze, then turn the rotary handle to reveal this.


Minikit Vehicle: Micro Up House



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