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LEGO® The Incredibles – The Golden Years – Story Mode Walkthrough

5 July 2018, Thursday, 6:55:53

The Golden Years – Story Mode

Enemies: Bomb Voyage Goon

Boss: Bomb Voyage

Starting Characters: Mr. Incredible (Golden Age), Elastigirl (Golden Age)

Added Characters: Buddy Pine

True Super: 150,000


1. Head to the right and destroy the glowing tables to reveal a multi-build. Build the left object, then turn the winch to lower the platform. Use the grapple point to pull it to the ground, then hop in and pull the lever to raise it up. Continue to the right, then stretch through the vent. Pull the lever at the end to open the gate, then continue to the right. Drop down the rooftops, then glide across the gap. Use the stretch point to create a bridge. Cross it as Mr. Incredible, then defeat the enemies. Use the stretch point on the ladder, then climb up as Mr. Incredible. Continue to the right, then use the Incredible point to knock down the crane. Hop up the pillars and cross the beams. You are going to have to collect 5 Incredibricks. Drop down and use the Incredible point to lift up the ramp, then switch to Elastigirl and collect the first Incredibrick. Continue to the right, then smash the cracked block to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a battery, which will call in a chopper to deliver the second Incredibrick. Head to the left and smack the “L” shaped vent in the back to reveal a grapple point. Use it to reveal the third Incredibrick. Head left and up the stairs by the family build, then pull the super strength handle on the water tower to reveal the fourth Incredibrick. Head to the left and swing across the gap, then stretch through the vent to reach the fifth and final Incredibrick. Complete the family build to build a slingshot, then use the stretch point.



2. You are now in control of Mr. Incredible (Golden Age) and Buddy Pine. Head to the right and repair the broken technology panel, then use it to open the door. Smash through the cracked blocks, then defeat 10 Bomb Voyage Goons. Bomb Voyage will then summon lasers. Jump around to avoid them. Bomb Voyage will then create a maze. Head through it and use the technology panel at the end. Time for the Bomb Voyage boss fight. Wait for him to throw a grey bomb, then pick it up and throw it back at him to damage him. Do this three times to defeat him and end the level.


Unlocked Characters: Mr. Incredible (Golden Age)
Elastigirl (Golden Age)
Buddy Pine



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