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LEGO® The Incredibles – Undermined – Story Mode Walkthrough

3 July 2018, Tuesday, 13:35:15

Undermined – Story Mode

Enemies: Underminer Goon

Starting Characters: Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl

Added Characters: Frozone, Violet, Dash

True Super: 150,000


1. We got Mr. and Mrs. Parr ready to take down The Underminer. This first part is simply a combat tutorial. Follow the prompts to defeat the Underminer Goons in various ways. Once you clear them all out, a cutscene will play, after which Frozone will be added to your party. Use the freeze point to freeze the gears, then smash through the cracked walls. Continue down the path, then destroy the glowing objects to clear the path to the vent, then go through it. Destroy the glowing mine cart, then head to the right and pull the lever to reveal another mine cart. Destroy it to reveal LEGO pieces, then build them into an Elastigirl panel. Use it, then use the Incredible panel to toss Elastigirl.



2. You are now in control of Frozone, Violet and Dash. You need to save the three trapped civilians. Create a force field as Violet, then switch to Dash and hop into the force field. Run across the toxic goo, then use the Dash panel to rescue the old lady. Collect the Incredibrick that appears, then destroy the purple furniture to reveal violet LEGO pieces. Use Violet’s force field to collect them, then assemble them into a flower, rescuing the truck driver. Pick up the second Incredibrick, then defeat the 5 enemies. Use the freeze point to construct a slide, rescuing the business man. Collect the third Incredibrick. Mr. Incredible will then break free and be added to your party. Throw one of the kids onto the rail, then hop inside the alcove and head left to grab the final Incredibrick. Complete the family build to build a buzzsaw, then use the Incredible panel to move it towards the vehicle.



3. We have the whole Parr clan now (minus Jack-Jack), so let’s stop this thing! Head down the ladder, then use the stretch point to construct a bridge. Cross it, then continue to the right. Destroy the glowing mine cart to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a mine cart, then push it along the tiles. Use the ball socket (with Dash’s help) to raise up the mine cart, then throw one of the kids onto the rail. Hop up and climb the ladder, then head to the right. Push the mine cart along the tiles, then destroy the glowing objects in the back to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a winch, then turn it to dump the coal into the engine. Continue to the right, then use the Incredible panel to raise up the platform. Switch to Elastigirl, then hop onto the railing. Use the stretch point to reveal a super strength handle. Pull on it to destroy the engine, completing the level.


Unlocked Characters: Mr. Incredible



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