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LEGO Worlds Nintendo Switch Cheat Codes

4 September 2017, Monday, 23:18:37


Nintendo Switch Cheat Codes

At the ‘Main’ menu select the ‘Codes’ tab and enter the following cheat codes.



Cheat CodeEffect

BR1CK5 – Unlock all building bricks
F1XTRS – Unlock all doors and windows
XP76VF – Cargo Helicopter from LEGO City
BG7DWK – Getaway Car from LEGO City
ND284C – Jungle Buggy from LEGO City
XP3BN2 – Lance’s Driller from Nexo Knights
LY9C8M – Lock & Roller from Nexo Knights
YG43JH – Manta Ray Bomber from LEGO Ninjago the Movie
U98BR2 – Pizza Van from LEGO City
P42FJ6 – Police Car from LEGO City
PPA72V – Tuk Tuk from LEGO Ninjago the Movie


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Name : Kayla Holston | Comment Date : September 7th, 2017

I’m kinda new @ this. But are there risk in entering cheat codes? Can it make my game unstable or hurt my system or game in anyway? Thanks in advance!

Name : Falagar | Comment Date : September 7th, 2017

Kayla it is official there is no risk.

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