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Life Is Strange: Before the Storm PC Controls


PC Controls

Drag the mouse to aim at an object/person and hold Left Mouse Button to interact with it. Then, drag the mouse towards the interaction and release Left Mouse Button to look at the photo.


  • W, A, S, D – Movement


  • Mouse – Use the mouse to move the camera.


  • Space – To skip a previously viewed scene after rewinding, press the Spacebar button.


  • Left Mouse Button – Contextual action


  • Right Mouse Button – Hold the right mouse button to rewind time.


  • MMB – Use the middle mouse button to recenter camera.


  • A or D – Use A/D keys and Left/Right mouse buttons to focus on photos.


  • Shift – Run


  • Ctrl – Press Ctrl to rewind to your last action.


  • Tab – Journal


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