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Life is Strange: Before the Storm – %100 Achievement Guide

1 September 2017, Friday, 1:23:42


%100 Achievement Guide

Guide to show graffiti locations in life is strange before the storm episode 1.




1. Recreational Vandalism
Walk behind the RV before entering the mill.




2. I See U Saw
When in the mill walk up to the saw blade hanging on the wall.




3. The Last Unicorn
After you get up from the bed walk over to the unicorn poster on the wall. After you look at the poster you can tear it off.




4. Home Unimprovement
When grabbing the tools for david, as you take the tools out of the toolbox the graffiti option should appear.




5. Rock Idol
When you get to school head to the left side. There is a wall you can draw on.




6. Dramatis Personae
After you grab Rachel’s belt, head straight into the changing room and you’ll see a Tempest Poster




7. Mulligan Stew
When you get on the train move the crate you’re supposed to sit on. Now that the crate is out of the way we can explore that section of the wagon. Have a look at the wall and the graffiti option shall appear.




8. Pioneer Spirit
Look at the statue behind you.




9. Face Your Anger
When you’re smashing things in the junkyard, smash the pole and then the cans of red paint.




10. Lucid Writing
Look at the poster on the seat in front of you, then move it. Now you can interact with the graffiti option but we have no marker. Look at the wine bottle and take the marker.




11. Awake, Dear Heart
Simply finish the episode to get this one.

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