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All Memory Locations

Memory #1 – Riley Letter

After talking to Mac, you will have to unpack your things when you first gain control in the house. The memory collectible will be on top of the study desk where you are supposed to go and unpack.



Memory #2 – Crack

From the last location, turn around and face the stairs. There will be a crack on the wall opposite the stairs. It will highlight itself as you approach it and be just below the Stalker poster with a tiger painted on it.



Memory #3 – Business Card

When you reach the Bar in the first chapter, you will get three tasks after talking to Jed. The Memory will be behind the bar as you make your way to it from the entrance next to the jukebox.



Memory #4 – Helmet

In the chapter, when you are going towards the mine, you will find a Helmet Memory towards the left of the entrance, right next to the minecarts under the yellow chute.



Memory #5 – Phone

The last memory in this chapter is the Phone will be after you enter the building in the mines, turn around and look at the door where you came from, and the phone will be next to the door on the left.



Memory #6 – Button

In the house, you need to take the stairs up to the rooftop terrace. After you come out the door that takes you to the rooftop, turn left and way towards the plants on the left. The button will be in the plants.



Memory #7 – Rent Check

The Rent Check Memory will be behind the bar. It is easy to spot and impossible to miss if you are looking for it behind the bar.



Memory #8 – Umbrella

From your last location behind the bar, go left towards the bar’s exit, and you will find an Umbrella Memory to the left of the exit door, next to the coat hanger.



Memory #9 – Gummies

When you enter the Dispensary, continue straight to the back room towards the door of Charlotte’s office. You will find a lot of weed in jars and small containers on the shelf. You can find the Gummies here on the shelf in a small jar container.



Memory #10 – T-Shirt

Go to the Lethe Flowers shop and enter it. The T-Shirt will be to your left inside the blue bookshelf.



Memory #11 – Bomber Jacket

When you are in the bar again in the third chapter, you will have to go to the exit door of the bar towards the coat hanger on the left of the exit door. Pick up the Bomber Jacket from there.



Memory #12 – Dollar

You have to beat the Wolf after a fight to obtain this memory when it is dropped.



Memory #13 – Appointment Slip

Head back towards the bar but don’t enter it. The Appointment Slip memory will be on the ground to the right of the entrance door.



Memory #14 – Old Paper

Now enter the Bar after you have talked to Old Gnome and make your way towards the pool table. Opposite from the pool table will be two round tables place together, and the Old Paper will be on the table with the cards.



Memory #15 – Valkyrie’s Dish

Enter The Magpie Emporium record shop, and you will find this memory on the floor to the left of the bass guitar lit with the blue light.



Memory #16– Pressed Rose

When you first begin the chapter and get control in the house, look around, and you will find the Pressed Rose on the wall just above the small wooden dinner table.



Memory #17 – Drum Kit

At the festival, go to the stage where the Drum Kit is and interact with it.



Memory #18 – Microphone

Behind the stage where the drums were, you will find the microphone behind the red curtains.



Memory #19 – Polaroid

This memory will be inside the bar, towards the exit door. The Polaroid will be on the wall to the right of the door.



Memory #20 – CIT Sticker

At the Festival, head out to explore the town and make your way towards the Flower shop. Run past the shop entrance, and turn right after the corner where you will come to a lot of potted flowers. The CIT Sticker will be on the glass window panel.



Memory #21 – Mom’s Key

When playing as Alex in the hospital, head over to the small counter table on the right where Mom’s Keys Memory will be on the bag.



Memory #22 – Business Card

When you are in Alex’s parent’s house, make your way to the kitchen and opposite the refrigerator.



Memory #23 – Guitar Strings

When you are at the orphanage, go to the room with bunk beds, and the Guitar Strings will be in one of the flower beds.



Memory #24 –  Pendant

Automatically obtained when you are in the mines.



Memory #25 – Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket will be on a chair at the small wooden dining table where you previously found the Pressed Rose memory.



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