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Chess Board Puzzle

The Chess Board puzzle is found in Chapter 2 when you escape the Teacher from the Library. The room with the chessboard is on the right from the main stairs in the main hall of The School.


When you near the room, a chess piece will be right outside the door, with the top of it placed next to it. Pick up the piece and fix the chess piece, climb on it and leap at the doorknob to open the door. Inside, you will find the whole chessboard with a few more chess pieces.


First, bring in the same piece you used outside the door, and place it on the left rook on the chessboard. Use that to climb the desk on the left to obtain the king piece. Now go all the way to the right of the room from the chessboard and you will find a whole chess piece on a desk. Climb up and take the queen piece and bring it to the chessboard to place it on the correct queen piece. For reference, you can check out the solution hint behind the map with the red-eye. Pull-on the map to retract it and you will find the solution written on the wall.


When you have put all the correct pieces, use the rook on the right to jump on the desk to the right of the chessboard. Jump on the lamp to drag it down and a secret door will open straight ahead. Inside, you can obtain the key, placed on top of a chair.



Elevator Puzzle

This puzzle is found in the 4th chapter of the game, with the TVs and the Thin Man boss. When you reach the edge where the elevator is in the middle, jump down on top of it and then the platform on the other side. Use it to jump through the gap on the right wall of the elevator to enter it, and pull the lever inside to send the elevator all the way up.


Before it reaches all the way up, jump to the right on the wooden wall, and climb up to the floor where the elevator stops. You will notice that the door of the elevator will be locked, while the key is in the room to the left of the elevator. The key is inside the lower drawer of the table, use it to open the elevator.


The objective here is to go to the elevator cable room above the top floor. You can go there by first sending the elevator down, calling it up, and jumping on the roof of the elevator from the top floor. This will take you to the elevator cable room.


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