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Little Nightmares Achievement Guide – How to Unlock All?

30 April 2017, Sunday, 0:46:31


Achievements – How to unlock all
Little Lost Things – Hug all 13 Nomes in Little Nightmares
Rascal – Smash all 10 vases throughout the five different sections.
Light Up Your Life – Light all 20 lanterns in Little Nightmares using Six’s lighter.
The Prison – Complete the first story chapter of Little Nightmares.
The Lair – Complete the second story chapter of Little Nightmares.
The Kitchen – Complete the third story chapter of Little Nightmares.
The Guest Area – Complete the fourth story chapter of Little Nightmares.
The Lady’s Quarters – Complete the fifth and final story chapter of Little Nightmares.
Hard to the Core – Beat Little Nightmares in less than an hour without dying once.
Six’s Song – Run back and forth on the dangling piano in chapter two.
Highly Sprung – Jump up and down on any bed six times in Little Nightmares
Kitchen Hand – Throw three ingredients into the pot on the fireplace in chapter three.
Elusive – Successfully dodge an enemy’s attempt to grab you by sliding across the floor. *This achievement seems to be bugged, I unlocked it by getting grabbed by the cook.*


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