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Loading Screen Simulator Achievement Guide


Achievement Guide

Progression Achievements

And that’s where it starts

Click the button


Is it over yet? No? Okay

Click the button 1000 times.


$Lots of cash$

Click the button 10000 times


As the achievement says, you need to click on the “Earn money” button.

Autoclicker software is optional but highly recommended.




Beat the game once.




Beat the game twice.


One more for the go

Okay why?

Beat the game ten times.



Speed Achievements 

1 byte/sec



1 kilobyte/sec

I can work with that.


1 megabyte/sec

That’s Mega


1 gigabyte/sec

That’s too much! I don’t know if I can pay for this.


1 petabyte/sec


1 Exabyte/sec

Your PC is slowly sucking in the universe.

To increase your download speed, you need to donate money using the “Give us your money” button in Shindows shop; you’ll need to donate about 1.5m to get the last achievement.

Note: After you’ve spent the money, you have to click on Earn money again for the achievements to trigger



Wow that was fast

I highly recommend using an auto-clicker for this one, start getting enough money (about 2100) to get all upgrades and make sure to complete the quiz in the console for an extra speed bump, then auto click for another few minutes until you get more than 10k cash, and spend all the extra over it on more download speed (Give us your money button), keep spending it until you finish the game.



Misc. Achievements 

Yay Victory

Huh, I didn’t know that it was possible to win in console… cool.




Buy the “Console Shindow” upgrade on Shindows shop and answer every question correctly.

The fouteenth letter of the alphabet= n

How many fingers your left onion has = 0

Are you a humnan = no

A+b = ab

How many questions you have already answered= 4

|3-x|=2x = 1

How many letters in this sentence = 28

Do you like this game? = no

Are you seriously = yes

What is my name? = Ruslan

Note: Make sure to type the answer at the bottom and not where “Correct; Wrong” appears.






high score I guess :/

Get 100 points in the game

This must be done in the pong like minigame; it’s really time consuming and boring, might take between 10-15 minutes.

Edit: You get 1 point every 7 seconds or so, so it’ll take about 700 seconds to get 100.



Doobydoobydabbadoobydabadooda bedigabibblebede, It’s a secret!

Buy the “Web Explorer” upgrade and leave it open for a while, a Pepe emoji should show up after a few minutes. Click on it.

I recommend working on high score achievement while waiting for this.


A small loan of a million dollars

Now you can make Loading great again

Get 1 million dollars. should come naturally if you’re working on download speeds.


The cake is not a lie


Click on the “Cake Eater” logo when the game is loading.


Gotta go fast

You dirty little hacker 😉


Click as fast as you can.

Hint: Use an auto clicker 😉 (50 clicks per second worked for me, or 20 ms)


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