Logitech G27 Force feedback Settings for DiRT 4



G27 force feedback guide

Logitech profiler:
Overall effects strength: 107%
Spring effect strength: 0%
Damper effect strength: 0%
Enable centering spring: unticked
Centering spring strength: 100%
Use special steering wheel settings: ticked
Report combined pedals: unticked
Degrees of rotation: 900°

Use special game settings: ticked
Allow game to adjust settings: ticked




Dirt 4 gives a big deadzone of the FFB motors, and setting the overall effect to 107% puts this deadzone at a minimum. This is possible the most important thing to get a good FFB in this game, in my opinion. Spring and damper are set to 0, because these are just fixed effects, and we can get better information, by setting these ingame.

Advanced input settings
Steering linearity: 0
Steering deadzone: 0
steering saturation: 100
Throttle deadzone: 0
Throttle saturation: 100
Brake deadzone: 5
Brake saturation: 100
Clutch deadzone: 5
Clutch saturation: 100
Soft lock: On




All the saturations are on 100, such that the cars behavior matches exactly what I do on the wheel/pedals. I have chosen a small deadzone on the brake and clutch, because I tend to rest my foot on them, but I dont want to trigger them when I do that. Soft lock on and steering linearity 0, means that the ingame wheel will follow the g27 wheel exactly. Some cars ingame have less than 900 degrees, but they will still match the physical wheel exactly. You should feel the wheel “lock” earlier for those also.

Vibration and feedback:
Self aligning torque: 80
Wheel friction: 0
Tyre friction: 0
Suspension: 90
Tyre slip: 80
Collision: 70
Soft lock: 100
Steering centre force: 0
Steering centre force enabled: Off




Wheel and tyre friction are set to 0, since these are just fixed effects. Same can be said about the steering center force. They offer nothing regarding information about the car behaviour. Together with the 107% overall effect, this is the most important thing to get a good feeling. Also, keep in mind that self aligning torque scales all the effects. Soft lock 100, makes the wheel notify us, when we turn the wheel further than what the car supports.
Apart from the three values set to zero, you can change the others to your liking – this is just what I prefer, and I think it will serve as a good starting point for g25/g27/g29 users strugling to find a good setup.
If you have any suggestions to improve these settings further, do not hesitate to comment below. Otherwise, thanks for reading this guide!


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