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MachiaVillain – Beginner Victim Behavior Tips

19 May 2018, Saturday, 8:01:31

Beginner Victim Behavior Tips

1) The victim’s default behavior is to stick together and occasionally explore a new room. The delay between going to a new room is very long.


2) When encountering a distraction (TV, Bookcase, etc) A single victim will move to and sit at the distraction.


3) This victim is completely oblivious. You can move your monsters into the room and even loudly murder someone else without them noticing. They do become aware if attacked.


4) The rest of the victims immediately move on to explore another room if a person gets distracted. This simulates a horror movie trope.


5) Every distraction increases a victim’s happiness. Let them live and encounter distractions until they reach 20 happiness and they will call out and reduce your suspicion level.


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