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MachiaVillain – How to Hire New Minions

21 May 2018, Monday, 12:09:48

How to Hire New Minions

The primary way to get new minions is by spending Evilium in the Crypt. The Crypt is one of the buttons on the bottom of your screen and don’t feel bad that you didn’t think to click it before now. There is a lot to take in with the building, victims and feeding so it took me a while to realize its importance as well. Here is a picture. I circled the Crypt and the tab you go to to hire new minions.



As you build your house and kill victims you’ll unlock some minion slots. This is the best place to get new ones. It costs only 260 Evilium to get two applicants of the minion type of your choice and you can hire (or reject) both if you like. For reference that is only two days worth of Evilium if you are doing the 3 victim ad and getting them all alone.


With the other two crypt tabs you can spend Evilium to unlock new monster types that you can put an ad out for and unlock more minion slots. Unlike putting out an ad the price increases for every purchase in these tabs. So building up the Evilium from proper victim slaying is highly recommended. Also do not hesitate to spend your Evilium. Its used for nothing else and the more minions you have the faster you can craft the horrendously expensive advanced tier stuff.


You will occasionally get a visit from a merchant who will sell you minions. He draws from every type of monster and they cost around 4000 cash (not Evilium).


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