MachiaVillain PC Cheat Codes

PC Cheat Codes

Unpause the game. Press the ‘a’ key followed by typing any of the following codes.




addmoney – Adds 7000 Gold.
addevilpoint – Adds 1000 Evilium.
addstone – Adds 50 Stone.
addwood – Adds 50 Wood.
addevilwood – Adds 50 Evil Wood.
addall – Adds 50 of each: Stone, Wood, Evil Wood, Metal. Also adds 7000 Gold.
addfood – Adds 10 of each: Raw Meat, Raw Brain, Bone, Blood, Smoked Meat, Smoked Brain, Smoked Blood.
addbasic – Adds 60 of each: Smoked Meat, Smoked Brain, Smoked Blood. Also adds 2 Bone, 500 Wood, 200 Evil Wood, 1000 Gold, 10 Stone, 10 Metal.
adddemo – Adds 50 Smoked Meat, 50 Smoked Brain, 160 Evil Wood, 600 Wood, 1000 Gold.
build – Instantly Build Everything.
dbg – Shows the Debug Menu.
addfresh – Adds 20 of each: Meat, Brain, Blood.
addstartfurniture – Adds 1 Bench, 1 Victim Door.
addsmallfood – Adds 10 Smoked Meat, 10 Smoked Brain.
addxppoint – Levels all Minions by +1.
sendvictim – Sends currently selected ad campaign/Victim wave immediately.
allweapon – Adds 1 of every weapon.
allwearable – Adds 1 of every clothing/accessory item.
allcosumable – Adds 2 of every consumable/potion.
healall – Fully heals all Minions.
addresearchpoint – Adds 20 of both Basic and Advanced Research Points.
addevilium – Adds 10,000 Evilium.
allprecious – Adds 10 of each: Gold Nuggets, Gold Coins, Circuit Boards.
allother – Adds 10 Spider Thread, 10 Spider Poison.
unlockall – Unlocks all Research projects.
nofogofwar – Disables Fog of War/Limited sight range.


Note: Activating them seems to vary on whether or not you need to capitalise the first letter of the code after pressing ‘a’. So if for example ‘aaddsmallfood’ doesn’t work, try ‘aAddsmallfood’ instead.


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