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MachiaVillain – Priority Arrangement Tips & Tricks

16 May 2018, Wednesday, 19:11:39

Priority Arrangement Tips & Tricks

Let’s go over some arrangement ideas, but don’t take these as set rules. Arrange your priorities to your tastes.



-You’re going to get to a point where you’ll need to have minions working at your factory workstations almost perpetually, so factory work should be one of the highest priorities.



-Extinguishing fires should be at the top — it doesn’t happen often, but it’s in your best interest to get them stomped out as quickly as possible.



-Working in the home office should be a high priority as well, as incoming victims are your primary source of food.



-Once you have traps that need to be refilled, the refilling job needs to be set at the higher end of the priority list.



These are just some tips, and it all gets much easier once you have more minions and those with more work slots. You should try to balance an individual minion’s jobs so they have one “primary” task that will take up most of their time (factory, laboratory, home office, building, mining) with the others (chop wood, maintenance, refill, training) being less urgent.



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