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Madden NFL 22 Ball Carrier Controls

Ball Carrier Controls

The controls are the same as they’ve always been, but the game mechanics have changed slightly. Real Player Motion physics enables you to make more precise cuts and quickly change direction. You’ll get a lot more yards as a running back if you hold off on the acceleration button and save your bursts of speed for when you make cuts.


Action PS4 & PS5 Controls Xbox One & Xbox Series X Controls
Stiff Arm X A
Dive X
Spin O B
Hurdle Y
Precision Modifier/Hesi L2/Tap L2 LT/Tap LT
Pitch L1 LB
Sprint R2 RT
Protect Ball R1 RB
Truck R Stick Up R Stick Up
Stop Juke R Stick Down R Stick Down
Juke Left R Stick Left R Stick Left
Juke Right R Stick Right R Stick Right


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