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Mafia 3 – Underboss Unlocks and Upgrades


In the Mafia 3, the Underboss is a trusted lieutenant, who is directly recruited by the Donovan and Lincoln. There are mainly three Underbosses in the Mafia 3, named Cassandra, Vito, and Burke, who takes care of the daily operations under the boss, who also acts like a second boss. These underbosses unlock special perks like new vehicles, weapon upgrades etc. We have given instructions about Underboss perks and upgrades below.


Underboss Unlocks and Upgrades

Cassandra’s Perks:

Cassandra is the leader of the Haitian gang. Her three associates names are,

Jennifer Moran – Switchboard operator and Cliffton
Jackie DuVernay – The arms dealer in the red van
Jean-Baptiste – Gunsmith



Earnings – Perks & Upgrades

$0 – Mobile arms dealer
$30,000 – Screaming Zemi
$60,000 – Improved accuracy gun upgrade
$100,000 – Shut down all phones in an area for 5 minutes
$140,000 – Increased ammo capacity gun upgrade
$180,000 – Screaming Zemi (Smoke Bomb)
$220,000 – Improved stability weapon upgrade
$270,000 – Shut down all phones in an area for 10 minutes
$320,000 – Screaming Zemi (Exploding)
$370,000 – Quick reload weapon upgrade
$420,000 – Shut down phones and call for backup



Burke’s Perks:

Burke is at the helm of the Irish mob in New Bordeaux. His associate’s names are,

Fiona Davidson – Police department insider.
Hank McGahee – Car thief
Terry Daly – Bomb expert


Earnings – Perks & Upgrades

$0 – Call in a car from your collection
$30,000 – Make cops ignore your crimes for 30 seconds
$60,000 – Mark nearby police on radar
$100,000 – The arms dealer now sells explosives
$140,000 – Cops ignore your crimes for 2 minutes
$180,000 – Allows you to steal cars undetected
$220,000 – All cops ignore your crimes for 2 minutes
$280,000 – Increases explosive inventory
$320,000 – All cops ignore your crimes for 5 minutes
$370,000 – Steal occupied cars without making a fuss



Vito’s Perks:

Vito is the protagonist of the previous Mafia game. His three associates are,

Betty Johnson – Scout and courier
Bobby Navarro – Hired muscle
Gianni Bruno – Family doctor


Earnings – Perks & Upgrades

$0 – The ability to have a courier deposit money instead of you.
$30,000 – Call in armed backup to your location.
$60,000 – Maximum health upgrade
$100,000 – Adrenaline shot storage upgrade
$140,000 – Show enemy locations, collect racket money
$180,000 – Health regeneration speed upgrade
$220,000 – Call in heavily-armed backup
$270,000 – Maximum health upgrade
$320,000 – Adrenaline shots now heal you to full health
$370,000 – Call an elite four-man kill team.
$420,000 – Maximum health upgrade


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