Mages of Mystralia Game Walkthrough / Solutions and Completion Guide

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Mages of Mystralia Game Walkthrough

Starting out

Nothing much to do for now, just talk to mentor get direction and start heading to Haven, the path is straightforward route to your own spellbook. First spell you receive is called [Immedi], for now this spell is your only air type spell and its melee attack (immedi spells are melee type), use this spell to clear blockade on path and then cast it to switch (star shaped item on pole), next comes combat introduction (immedi is one of two offensive type spells you receive).

For next part you receive [Ego], self oriented spell. this comes as earth based spell, as default spell it forms shield that blocks wind and projectiles. After the windy path its time to face first ranged type enemy, just move bit sideways ot get in melee range and its all good, or you can block attacks with shield spell.

Next spell on list is [Actus] (usable as ranged type, but for now its just glowing orb front of you) offensive spell that comes as fire type on default, use this to light torch near the door. Handy use of this spell is that orb stays where you place it so on next part step on switch, cast actus and step out (moving torch onto spell)

Final spell you receive is called [Creo], area type spell, for now it comes with ice and allows you to create frozen road that allows you move above water (you will drown without icy road or bridge beneath you when crossing watery areas). After getting to little island and fighting skirmish againts one ranged and one melee goblin, its time to step into portal and finally reach Haven.





Nothing much to do here for now, talk to enchanter to receive task of finding 4 magic lilly bulbs hidden out in world (and he gives you first bulb as freebie), these bulbs are essentially your mana potions (they fill mana from 0% to 100% at cost of one bulb), usable at time when your manapool runs dry just before it starts to regenerate on itself. Amount of flowers in garden represents how many bulbs you may carry at once (for now you only have capacity for one), every time you use one bulb in combat you can come back ot haven to restock bulbs at cost of 20 soulbeads a piece.

On far left side is teleporter (there is 3 total: Haven, the Rise and Highlands) cost to use them after unlocking at least 2 out of 3 is 10 soul beads per use.

On far right side of Haven exists mage trials (not available for now)




There is chest middle of haven containing 10 soulbeads:




At south side of Haven you find two fountains, red for health and blue for mana, these fountains accept 4 purple soulbeads per upgrade and there is 5 upgrades you need to buy for both health and mana(you will need total 40 purple beads to maxed out health and mana). Also here is first seal puzzle and solving it opens route to Mystral woods(to the right from crossroad).




Solution to seal puzzle:




Mystral Wood
First thing you see when entering is gang of goblins harrasing traveller, time to show ppl you are friendly mage and help her out. (On way you may see unlit fireplace, lighting them up with fire spell rewards you with 5 soul beads).

Next comes quick visit to Greyleaf at far right side of map (end of road), nothing much to do here beside getting to father of girl you saved and telling him situation on road.

Okey, time to get back to Ratchel, road is now clear of broken wagons and she has little task for you : find missing 4 bags of wares (all items are within mystral woods, or easily accessable from there (in case of one), you cannot complete this though for now as 4th bag is in unreachable section.

To lower bridge, hit switch with immedi and clear goblins out. Road is blocked with breakable rock (marked with fire symbol on it) but you do not yet have rune to make spells explode on impact. Happily there is explosive barrels near it and all you need to do is hit em to make end explode.

Up the road is first bossfight: Larde the troll
Tactic: Just kill little goblins outta way, hit explosive barrel while Larde is near it or get larde to hit or charge onto it, this stuns boss for little while allowing you to hit him.


Reward for beating Larde: [move] rune, this rune when tied to arctus makes spell fly forward, other two applications is adding it to creo and thus allowing to create entire road instead of one piece at time, and lastly adding this to ego creates movement spell (handy for dodging).

Time to create needed spell(s): Add move rune to arctus and you have “fireball” spell, I suggest also add it now to creo and ego as well thus creating you “ice road” and “dash” spells.

So, time to test out new spell: Noticed how camera showed explosive barrel on other side of crack?, use fireball to shoot it to get yourself bridge:) (remember also shoot barrel at boss arena, this reveals back exit of old mines, not much to do here now expect pick racthels first bag.

Second of bags of wares you are looking for is at far left corner after crossing newly made bridge.



The Swamp
Here you are greeted by friendly goblin who tells swamp has problems with wood wretch, but before facing it you must light up three brazers ahead of road (remember to hit pile of bones skeletons leave behind to kill them, else they regenerate. Skeletons are immune to fire and ice type spells, so hit them with air type immedi.). On right hand bath light up torch on other side of river with fireball to reach 3rd brazier. 3rd of rachels bags is hidden after bridge at right hand side.

After all braziers are lit, return to goblin at swamp entrance and receive key.

Time to clear corruption within woods, head to 3rd brazier (right road) and find locked gate, feel free to smash pots here if need health.


Boss Woodwretch Twiggs
Spells recommended to have: fireball, immedi and dash.

1:Twiggs starts by shooting beam across the arena, you can avoid this by hugging the opposite side beam started from (this is where dash is handy).
2: Roots start spawning from ground, just keep moving in circle to avoid getting hit (they spawn always under you)
3: Dmg phase, 2 skeletons spawn, kill skeletons first with immedi, then shoot three glowing orbs on Twiggs branches with fireball, after this start spamming fireball to large glowing orb in Twiggs mouth.
4:Twiggs hammers the arena little while, just stand in middle to avoid dmg

When Twiggs gets lower on health orb changes its color to red, phases 2 and 3 have little extra now: on phase 2, 2 large roots spawn (these summon smaller roots in addition to twiggs summoning them) kill these two roots while avoiding small roots. on phase 3,instead of 2 skeletons spawning you now get 3 skeletons, nothing too hard to deal with immediate.

Gratz, you have now cleansed Mystral woods corruption and receive first health+mana extender: [Wood Wretched Elixir]

Path to north clears out and you can get back to Greyhaven through here. In Greyhaven, find Vitas at city center and get him to fix bridge, nothing else in Greyhaven for now.

Time to get back to where you came from and head towards Sky temple (to get there, move trough The Rise).

When you arrive to area, you may note man standing near signpost, if you have 300 soulbeads now do follow him and light up his campfire, as reward you can buy new wand (igni wand, increases dmg of fire spells, very useful for sky temple infact) for 300 soulbeads, I would suggest grind this soulbead amount now and pick new wand, since road will be blocked bit later temporary preventing access to this vendor (though you can return to get wand before next boss fight).

At this point remember to pick [homing] rune from seal puzzle near mystral woods entrance. (This rune alters move on arctus to auto aim for nearest target, and with ego creates vacuum shield that pulls pickable objects into it.)

When you are ready to continue, head to bath thats blocked with brambles, follow road and drop down from broken bridge.

At arena, pick new rune: [right] from chest, this alters moves behaviour on actus to make clock vice circle if after move -rune, or shoot from right side if before move -rune, for next puzzle, place [right] after [move], stand on switch and take aim to shoot nice circling arc to torch. This also unlocks ability to create multiple spells for slot (up to 6), handy for different purpose spells.

Now to get teleport to here: Head to north near troll lake.




After getting key and teleport, head to east to reach north going path leading to Sky temple (watch out the hogriders, they drow bombs).


Sky Temple

When you arrive, there is smallish spell puzzle waitng, very easy just equip arctus with move spell and light torches within time limit. Past the door there is breakable door with explosive barrel nearby, within chest you find 25 soulbeads. To move forward shoot torch here with arctus and wind stops momentary blowing.

Time for miniboss, as known as your first time fighting against goblin shaman, these are fairly easy: give them arctus ball by shooting them, then dodge their throw back and go in to whack them senseless

After combat is over, there is Seal puzzle at northern side of arena, inside is one of five torches you need to light to reveal prize.

Solution to seal puzzle:




Next step is to continue on path on southside little bit east from entrance, second torch is between tents here. You may notice icy mound at next open area, these continuously spawn small exploding monsters so you may want to just ranged shoot it down.

On area after first ancient device is next miniboss: armored beetle. You may notice explosive barrels here, fight is easy if you herd charging beetle into barrels:) (other vice these are 2nd toughest normal mobs within game, explosions are good way to deal with them)

After combat is over, hit explosive barrel to open up path to next rotch switch needed to open path trough windy device. On path to east is key waiting to be picked up, 3 goblins are waiting to ambush you in snowmen (but you can ambush them first).

With [homing] rune equiped fireball, continue path to west by flipping torch switch. (Key opens door that allows you to target torch from path.) Along the path is similar spell puzzle waiting as at entrance, completing it opens new path to follow at central arena.

Next spell puzzle maybe be little tricky, start by northernmost torch, equip yourself with fireball and shield, start by shooting torch at south, Then one next to you and finally quickly move to moving platform to get final torch into aim, be fast to use shield to block wind after shooting torch, or just fall down and take fall dmg:)

Completing puzzle opens path ro [Detonation] rune, Yup, this is one that makes spells explosive!, Sadly it only fits into immedi type spells but you will soon receive necessary rune to add it into actus as well. Equip it now to create “Hammer” -spell as tutorial combat is starting, spells for easy fight are: hammer and dash. After fight light up third torch and break the door with hammer.

Now starts time to break few doors, on south path there is purple soulbead, teleport to spell challenge and fourth torch. At road to detonation rune, on path to west is breakable door with fifth switch. This reveals fairly powerful combat rune: [Mastery], adding it to immedi (air type) makes it occasionally chain zap targets, adding it to fireball (fire type) makes targets burn(damage over time). At arena, southwest side has 10 soulbeads hidden behind breakable door and behind northern breakable door is torch switch to open new path.

Continue this path towards east, at small combat arena break the door to get line of sight to torch switch, Hit it with fireball and be ready to run/dash through opened path. (Watch out the hogrider here.) At southside rests key and torch switch, drop down to pick key, hit switch and run again trough east going path.

When back to skirmish place where you fought hogrider, head now with key to north side. Next comes minibossfight: shaman+armored beetle.

After the fight: south path leads to combat challenge teleport (reward: purple soulbead) and south-west side leads to door with keyhole. Behind it is final spell puzzle:

You will need shield and fireball for this one. Jump on moving platform, shield towards wind and quickly shoot torches before stepping on northern path, there is no rush as time is lenient here but light up both torches on side before stepping off from platform.

When done, get on moving platform again and be ready to quickly get on another moving platform behind windwall. Next up is bossbattle, equip yourself with hammer, fireball and shield for this one.


Boss: ancient ice lizard Sleet
1 -He stays on one edge and shoots missiles at you, block these with shield or move out of their path.
2- He stand up, roars, icicles drops soon on ground, try avoid getting hit and move to left or right edge as Sleet will move across platfrom now.
3-His tail is aimed on arena, move outta way as he slams the ground with it. After 3rd slamm move in and start hiting tail with hammer
4-He moves to another edge, shoots triple missiles now, easy to avoid …while he is shooting missiles deal with skeletons that spawned.
5-He shoots platform crossing beam, just stay at side to avoid it.
repeat phases 2 and 3
6-He now shoots 5 balls at once, time to use shield against em while avoiding skeletons
-repeat phase 5-2-3

After boss dies, pick up [Sky shard], second health+mana extender [Ice lizard elixir]
on north side is Seal puzzle with Purple soulbead in it
solution to puzzle:




After leaving skytemple and entering back to the Rise, pick up new trigger rune. [Impact], this handy rune allows player to equip hammer into fireball, creating ranged explosive spell. It is time to get back to Haven, but first you may want to cross troll lake with ice road, break blockade here with hammer and go pick up magic lily bulb at end of tunnel. Two ways to reach Haven: Walk through south exit (one blocked with breakable boulder) or use teleport next to troll lake.


Haven (revisited)
New thing here is opening of mage trials, a combat challenge where one fights trough 12 waves of monsters (with reward for each 4th wave defeated), at this point runearsenal is bit small and it might be difficult to beat it. If you have any unplanted bulbs, visit the garden and plant them to expans manapotion stash. Only story objective now is to go to top of hill and meet mages of mystralia.
As you leave, you can buy portal device from man standing near lamp post for 75 soulbeads, with this item in inventory you no longer need pay 10 soul bead fee whenever using portals (so it pays itself in 8 travels).

Next goal is find Mage kings tomb, so lets head to Highlands. (Path is through mystral woods and road past Greyleaf.)



First thing to do when arrive is to unlock local teleport, and with teleport unlocked road to north-east (upper side) leads to nearby city. In city few tasks to do include pick quest from man south from city entrance, next task is to talk to beggar at market square, he wants fresh bread from norhtern stall. With these done, head to east, at end of road you will find [Gaea wand] which makes earth based spells hurt more. Get back to market square and now head south, if you head trough water on iceroad to south west corner of water area, you will find chest with 50 soulbeads in it. Beside that road to take is to sewers on other side of small damb patch to east.
Within severs you find seal puzzle containing purple soulbead.




After tunnel, if you go to east you will find another spell puzzle, you will need fireball and ice road for this one, first though clear the route from monsters (with aid of ice road of course). Also in order to succeeds you sort of need to know where you are heading so scouting up all of torches is good idea.



Tomb of Mage Kings
Mechanics here rely on weight on pressure plates, North side has intriquing book you can check. (Cut chain to add weight on plate.) :

Real route is on south side, cut chain here and follow stony road that appears. Don’t get hit by beam here, goal is behind other side of beam but remember also hit the switch as you go past it (Mind that beam is going to clockvise direction since switch also lifts the block). Hit the torch and cross next set of stoneplatforms to key.
With key in you hands, lets move to next chamber. here, cut the chain with ranged spell that has detonation. Route player needs to take is north one (entry from chambers entrance).

Time for monster introduction: Gargoyle. These monsters will walk slowly towards you grab you if they touch you and are immune to damage if you look at them, key is to use two explosive barrels in gages, operates by switch on middle, alternatively you can use actus without runes to have “landmine” on their route. Once done head through newly opened door and pick [Dulicate] -rune. This when tied to ego allows you to place copy of yourself on ground, monsters prefer to target this instead of you and as earth based copy it weights a ton. Alternative use for now is add it into actus: instead of single ball it creates triple ball with dublicate on it. With dublicate, place weights on pressure plates to operate them(mind that dublicate wont last that long).

Next with dublicate we can clear south side, place dublicate on pressure plate to side you wish to enter, mind them clockwise rotating beam (which also destroys dublicate when it hits it). To east side is key and seal puzzle. solution:






To west is teleport to spell challenge

To north side is first of four ghosts, its slightly difficult fight, if you have igni wand and dublicate+move+mastery+homing actus, then its not so hard, just mind to evade or block his attack. Behind ghosts tomb is smallish spell challenge for key. (solution: First drop the weights (chains are on other side of arena). Then start from east side: place dublicates on pressure plates and run to middle one.) To east is small puzzle for purple soulbead.



Since you need now two keys, its time to go to south side, here you will meet first “alchemist” monster, just mind that they throw explosive bottles to you and dont stand near them when they die…there tends be one bottle on remains.

South side is gargoyle and mini spellchallenge, just hit all torches simultaneous with dublicated fireball. You may wish to deal second gargoyle in room with torches as next room is bit thigh arena to fight it. When ready, shoot chains to east, pick key and exit. (While exiting, there is small stairs to up on east side of south room, leading to teleport to combat challenge, reward: [inverse] -rune.)

After the door, open up the road with dublicates and get mentally ready for next boss fight. Fight starts when you smash goblin statue holding purple light.




Boss fight: Mage-queen Irina

Phase 1: Just shoot him with fireballs while avoiding attacks, standard ghost fight in this sense.
phase 2 (starts when Irina reaches 50% hp): While avoiding the hands, place dublicates on pressure plates to create road for new goblin statue holding purple light.

-repeat phases 1 and 2

reward: [Ghost queen elixir] -third health+mana increaser.

After beating Irina, head along the route to find mage kings resting place, along his spellbook stand. After cutscene, time to leave tomb, friendly necromancer is waiting you at port where you exit to and offers to sell you scarab(extra life) for 50 soulbeads, you can only carry one at time though, he also gives you task to find and kill four ghosts. (Three left if you beat one in tomb of mage king.)

Now head back to market square. There is bad news to see …soldiers are leaving to hunt mages. Next objective though is bring information to mentor, you can use teleporter in highlands, or walk through the Rise (road to west).



Haven (again)
So, as you enter …there is really bad news now, soldiers of Highlands are burning Greyleaf down. Restock on manapotions if needed and head to Greyleaf.



As you get near Greyleaf, its time to meet two soldier types: melee attacker and capturer, ones with pike run to melee range to attack, ones with net try throw it on you from range, soldiers are somewhat tougher than goblins but two dublictte fireballs with mastery and hammer tied on to em kills em fast.

Oh no… as you arrive everything is in ruins already, soldiers everywhere and there is still villagers trapped inside…glorious task of ours is to go and save them.
Villager locations:



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After finding all 5 villagers, head up to their camp behind 5th villager. Talk to blacksmith Tao to receive key. (Now also is good time to step into teleporter to combat challenge, reward:[push] rune)
Go trough mine and meet first of four sages, he’s willing to teach you air affinity. From now on all types of spells can be air in addition of their default element. Equip Creo with air element and move, now you can get windmills to rotate. Also suggest to change your dash into air element, as with it you can go through mobs without taking damage.

Get back trough mine, our next destination: Sunken quarry (entry is in highlands, bottom road going north from greyleafs side entrance.



Sunken quarry
As you enter into quarry, you may notice empty hole and four drains leading to it, goal here is to get each drain carry water into hole. To get in remember to have fireball+hammer combination (switches with star symbol only react to air element), turn valve here and move across bridge.

Time to choose which direction to go first, I follow order of clockwise round starting from west side.


Western drain
As you move forward you reach wind operated platforms, at end of first moving platform is second windmill blocked by stone slabs, break these on both side (to teleporter to combat challenge, reward: [at once] -rune) after blocks are cleared, get second platform moving further, supply extra wind to freed platform to keep it there while supplying new wind to windmill on left, to reach teleporter ride new platform all the way to left side and enter mine there, and/or let platform get back without wind to reach valve.


Northern road
First thing you get when crossing trough platforms is combat challenge arena with purple soulbead waiting. At north-east corner is chest with 50 soulbeads in it, reachable with ice road.


North-east drain
After first platform ride, if you move up on ramp to south, you reach seal puzzle. Solution:
Route forward is with windmill operated platform, this is long ride so keep supplying new wind for it every once in a while during ride, do same with second windmill as well to reach valve.


South-east drain
On north side you find purple soulbead, to reach it trigger switch of moving platform by going left on crossroad here and shooting from there, then go right to step on said platform(watchout for giant slime guarding).

On middle road you find drain and valve, after crossing on first platform here shoot pipe part down (look to north, use homing fireball) before continuing on second platform. Here clear area of monsters to reveal valve.

On south side is teleport to spell challenge, but you cannot complete this without [time] -rune.


Central area
With all valves opened, lift becomes operational at center of area, get ready for next boss fight which awaits you at bottom, I suggest prepare dash and fireball.
Their majesties, Royal Blobs
Tactics: Boss consists of two slimes, king and queen. Queen keeps king shielded, and shoots you with fireball when its not moving, to keep it on move just chase it as queen wants to stay at range, where as king chases you and wants to stomp you. Shoot the queen till she becomes stunned, then beat down kings health till queen recovers. Repeat this till king dies and then finish off queen.
After beating the royal pain(pun intended), time to meet water sage and receive ability to change any attacks element to ice, one spell you want to create with this is ego+water element= mirror, which you will need for next area.

Next target is old mine (through mystral woods).



Old Mine

Entry to Old Mines entrance from Mystral Woods:




Move along path till you reach door and ligh emiting pillar, goal is to get light hit door and to get this done we need mirror (ego with water element). Solution:





First task is to move left trough light locked door and break the boulder here to release lightbeam to end of tunnel. Next two mechanics: Rotating pillars accept light into em and emit newbeam through lamp at bottom (use these to get better aim for mirror reflecting) and light powered cart which moves forward on rails when hit by light and move backwards when no light hits it. Goal is to move cart to other end of rails.

With cart slotted in, direct beam into crystal and get next door open, route forward is at east side. Gargoyles here die very fast when hit by light, so best to let them walk into light or mirror some for em.

Noticed green big pillar ith red outline as you cross it? hit it with detonation and create road for teleport to combat challenge (reward: [expire]-rune). Solution to next light puzzle:





You may also want to open door for back entrance of mine before going back to retrieve key from thiefing goblins.

Next step is to head down and unlock door. Use valve here to deliver crystal upstairs) it comes out in mystral woods and is used to power up cart to get light down through hole it makes. This allows to open door to purple soulbead down here. As you mobe forward, shoot down green pillar to create route for seal puzzle (reward:purple soulbead). Solution:





At end of road is smallish light puzzle, start by getting cart of of way by blocking light to it. on next platform operate which pillar emits light with switch, goal is to get cart out of here (open door for it first though).

Next bossfight awaits you behind large door.

Living statue Gargol


You will need fireball and mirror spells for this. Boss chases you to melee range and tries ot hit you, every now and then he slams in for aoe. Noted the four torches at area? Get them lit and light beam gets directed to middle, now use mirror to stun the boss so you can dmg it. Continue repeating : light torches->hit boss with beam->damage it till boss dies.
After beating Gargol, its time to meet earth sage, this is handy element for immedi and actus since earth is only element that no mobs will resist. Also for next area create stone road: earth creo+move (like ice road, this is path to cross liquid, in this case lava).

Next area: Lava grotto, entrance is at the Rise, to left from troll lake.




Lava grotto
To move here you need stone road(stone crio+move), after reaching main area, on opposite side of lava lake is seal puzzle with purple soulbead reward. Solution:





On northern side, path with faces along the wall is teleport to spell challenge (you need teleport rune for this) and on opposite side is miniboss: troll, dont be fooled by pressure plates here, while its possible to use clones on em to open center grille and drop troll in lava, its not too hard to just go by old fashion and beat him senseless. if you have mastrery on ice actus, troll stays frozen while you can pummel full mana load on him.

Light up torch that got revealed to open route to next section. On center lake here is 4 switches, hitting em closes road to some switches and opens road to others, goal is to get all 4 switches turned on. Solution: Hit em in order of: south->north->west->east

At newely revealed area, to north is teleport to combat challenge (reward: purple soulbead). Beside that its time to prepaire for next boss, you need: stone road and actus with good dmg (I suggest dublicate+mastery+homing+impact:hammer with earth element)



Boss: Giant lava bug Scald

Tactics: This boss is very straightforward, boss has three attacks: while on range he shoots you, if go onto melee he tries to hit you and as third attack he occasionally charges forward. Keep circling it with stone road and hit it with spell while moving, mind you mana so you can keep stoneroads up. Largest danger is failling into lava here. As fight progresses solid platforms get fewer so reliance to stone road increases.


As boss dies you get access to fourth sage: fire, after this its time to head to Haven(again).


Dark tower
When you are ready to finish the game, step inside. (timer for 10min speed run achievement starts here) prepare yourself with strong spells, I suggest the Storm and the Rain. (technically the Storm alone is strong enough to cleanse tower within time limit if you have aura wand and max mana)

First you meet final boss in mini skirmish, blast him up.

Now comes 4 elemental rooms, only first one is tricky: 1st wave there consist of air and fire resistant mobs and 2nd wave fire and ice resistant. None of other areas got air resistance so the Storm wipes em really fast.

After clearing four elemental rooms, its time for final boss.

Just slap him with strong spells, every 25% of his health he goes up, to interrupt him complete small seal puzzle within time limit (complete all of them without fail earns you secret achievement) after 75% he drops stone clone that shoots fireballs, but 1-2 the Storm casts should be enough for each phase.

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