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MapleStory 2 Cheats

20 October 2018, Saturday, 14:52:58


Good Farming Locations for Wooden Chests

– Crooked Canyon: The wooden chest behind Urza will always spawn there every 10 minutes making it an easy place to have a guaranteed wooden chest spawn. This chest will drop the voucher fragments and count towards the achievement to open wooden chests.



– North Royal Road: This is a small map and has loads of wooden chest spawns. Chests seem to spawn in bulk at xx:00 and xx:05 every hour. There’s a down time from xx:30 to xx:59.



– Revoldic Dam: A large map but circular making it easy to fly in a perfect loop hunting for chests. Chests seem to spawn in bulk at xx:30 and xx:40 every hour. There’s a down time from xx:00 to xx:29.




Farming Tips

– Chests are not instanced, if someone loots a chest that you see, you won’t be able to loot it.



– You can change channels to find more chests.



– You can use the command /nextchan and /prevchan to quickly change channels to farm chests. These are variations of the same command: /previouschannel, /lastchannel, /backchannel, /prevchan, /lastchan, /backchan, /nextchannel, /nextchan.



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