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MapleStory 2 – Life Skill Rank Rewards

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Life Skill Rank Rewards

Mining 2: Chicken Feather Pouch, Metacell x2


Mining 3: Metacell x4


Mining 4: Ore Miner, Metacell x8


Mining 5: Berg Drill Earring, Metacell x11


Mining 6: Mining Device, Metacell x15


Mining 7: Time-Limited Fading ___’s Savagery Shoes, Metacell x20


Mining 8: Gold Mine Entrance, Metacell x25


Mining 9: Berg Mail Flat Cap, Metacell x31


Mining 10: Gold Bar Wagon, Metacell x37


Mining 11: Time-Limited Fading ___’s Savagery Suit/Top/Bottoms, Metacell x44


Mining 12: Monster Fossil, Metacell x52


Mining 13: Berg Turtleneck Vest, Metacell x61




Ranching 2: Copper Chain Mail Gloves, Green Crystal x1


Ranching 3: Blank Intermediate Music Score (20 Performances), Green Crystal x1


Ranching 4: Windmill, Green Crystal x1


Ranching 5: Milkids Apple Earring, Green Crystal x2


Ranching 6: Barn, Green Crystal x2


Ranching 7: Time-Limited Fading Savagery Ring, Green Crystal x3


Ranching 8: Milk Crate Wagon, Green Crystal x4


Ranching 9: Milkids Cow Hat, Green Crystal x5


Ranching 10: Signpost, Green Crystal x6


Ranching 11: Time-Limited Fading Savagery Belt, Green Crystal x7


Ranching 12: Storage Tank, Green Crystal x8


Ranching 13: Milkids White Shirt, Green Crystal x10




Foraging 2: Rice Chips, Spirit Spellstone x13


Foraging 3: Time-Limited Gear Dye Voucher, Spirit Spellstone x29


Foraging 4: Glass Greenhouse, Spirit Spellstone x49


Foraging 5: Alkimi Clover Earring, Spirit Spellstone x72


Foraging 6: Bird Cage, Spirit Spellstone x99


Foraging 7: Special Red Potion x2, Spirit Spellstone x129


Foraging 8: Large Pot, Spirit Spellstone x163


Foraging 9: Alkimi Herb Beret, Spirit Spellstone x200


Foraging 10: Small House, Spirit Spellstone x241


Foraging 11: Special Orange Potion x5, Spirit Spellstone x286


Foraging 12: Goddess Fountain, Spirit Spellstone x334


Foraging 13: Alkimi Baroque Shirt, Spirit Spellstone x385




Farming 2: Majoram Supplement, Blue Crystal x1


Farming 3: Sweet Pumpkin Soup, Blue Crystal x1


Farming 4: Fruit Farmer, Blue Crystal x1


Farming 5: Leatherbow Pig Earring, Blue Crystal x1


Farming 6: Winemaker, Blue Crystal x1


Farming 7: Banana Sandwich x3, Blue Crystal x1


Farming 8: Fruit Scale, Blue Crystal x1


Farming 9: Leatherbow Onion Hat, Blue Crystal x1


Farming 10: Farm Truck, Blue Crystal x1


Farming 11: Fruit Tart x9, Blue Crystal x1


Farming 12: Scarecrow, Blue Crystal x1


Farming 13: Leatherbow Ribbon Shirt, Blue Crystal x1




Smithing 2: Opal Smithing Slate


Smithing 3: Time-Limited Fading ___’s Savagery Headgear


Smithing 4: Tempering Furnace


Smithing 5: Berg Hand Brake Gloves


Smithing 6: Bellows


Smithing 7: Time-Limited Fading ___’s Savagery Gloves


Smithing 8: Anvil


Smithing 9: Berg Wool Boots


Smithing 10: Work Table


Smithing 11: Time-Limited Fading Weapon


Smithing 12: Refining Brazier


Smithing 13: Berg Short Pants




Handicrafts 2: Snail Shell Handicraft Slate, Crystal Fragment x42


Handicrafts 3: Time-Limited Savagery Necklace, Crystal Fragment x96


Handicrafts 4: Jewel Dresser, Crystal Fragment x162


Handicrafts 5: Milkids Cow Tail, Crystal Fragment x239


Handicrafts 6: Reforging Device, Crystal Fragment x328


Handicrafts 7: Time-Limited Fading Savagery Cape, Crystal Fragment x429


Handicrafts 8: Jewel Shelf A, Crystal Fragment x542


Handicrafts 9: Milkids Wellington Boots, Crystal Fragment x666


Handicrafts 10: Jewel Shelf B, Crystal Fragment x803


Handicrafts 11: Time-Limited Fading Savagery Earrings, Crystal Fragment x951


Handicrafts 12: Jewel Shelf C, Crystal Fragment x1110


Handicrafts 13: Milkids Denim Bottoms, Crystal Fragment x1282




Alchemy 2: Lavender Crystal, Spirit Guardstone x22


Alchemy 3: Special Defense Tonic x2, Spirit Guardstone x51


Alchemy 4: Experiment Table, Spirit Guardstone x85


Alchemy 5: Alkimi Clover Ring, Spirit Guardstone x126


Alchemy 6: Large Experiment Table, Spirit Guardstone x173


Alchemy 7: Special Health Tonic x5, Spirit Guardstone x225


Alchemy 8: Herb Drawer, Spirit Guardstone x285


Alchemy 9: Alkimi Button Boots, Spirit Guardstone x351


Alchemy 10: Tonic Jar, Spirit Guardstone x422


Alchemy 11: Special Warrior Tonic x10, Special Mage Tonic x10, Spirit Guardstone x500


Alchemy 12: Antique Bookshelf, Spirit Guardstone x584


Alchemy 13: Alkimi Cotton Bottoms, Spirit Guardstone x675




Cooking 2: Pumpkin Seasoning


Cooking 3: Orange Madeleine


Cooking 4: Cafe Bar Table


Cooking 5: Leatherbow Carrot Backpack


Cooking 6: Bar Table Corner


Cooking 7: Caprese Salad x7


Cooking 8: Bar Table Chair


Cooking 9: Leatherbow Work Boots


Cooking 10: Bar Table Roof


Cooking 11: Maple Cheesecake with Pears x10


Cooking 12: Corner Bar Table Roof


Cooking 13: Leatherbow’s Hide Bottoms


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