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MapleStory 2 – Making Mesos Tips

21 October 2018, Sunday, 8:52:32

Making Mesos Tips

We all know you need mesos to progress in the game. But we have our ways! Let me share them with you. Note that you need to have a Level 50 character with 1500 gear score.



The first way is simply to level up your character, the storyline will provide you with about 1-2m mesos after you finish it all, and that’s a good amount of headstarters. with that amount, you’ll have plenty to spend on blue items or whatever you feel like.



Also, consider making alt accounts early on for dungeon grinding and daily quests. The storyline is the same by the way!



Daily missions! There’s the “Get rich” Tab you get 3 quests everyday that resets at certain times. These quests are really easy to finish, they’ll only demand going from place to place, and that’ll be super easy if you have access to air taxi which everyone gets throughout the storyline (It’s not unlimited tho), you can teleport all over maple world and complete the quests in a couple of minutes FLAT. completing those quests will reward you with mesos chests that contains 1k mesos pouch, 5k, 10k, 50k, 100k, and even 500k. So if you level a couple of alt accounts and do those quests on each character, you’ll end up doing a lot of mesos. The goodside is that the missions will not require you to have any spesific gear or any gear score, so it’s a good consistent way to make your mesos.



Next method is dungeon farming, it’s the best way right now to make mesos, you can do 10 times a day, 30 times a week from each character.



Most recommended dungeon is Tronix bunker. It’s a fast paced dungeon run that you can finish in about 3-6 minutes with a good team composition. You’re garunteed to get your class’s equipment, you won’t get any other class’s equips so that’s good. not only that you can also get dungeon chests that gives you onyx crystals and other enhancement items, that’s important for later.



Onyx crystals are being demanded by everyone, selling them should be easy, but… how do you even get them? The dungeon runs that you do will provide you with a lot of equips, and you’ll end up having spare equips that you won’t need since you already gotten your full blue set, after that, you can easily go and dismantle it to get a good amount of onyx crystals and sell it afterwards.



If you get an epic drop from the Normal dungeons , they will be tradeable and can be sold for a good amount of mesos, 11-30m mesos, but you’re better off firstly equipping them since you need to increase your gear score.



Last method (Is kind of “Pay to win”, not really tho). Fishing. Fishing can give you some good profit if you use high level gear , and you can pay with merets to do it automatically, even so, it doesn’t give you a lot anyways. inconsistent.



Right now, there isn’t much to do, you can’t farm mesos from mobs since Nexon nerfed it to counter-act botting.



In conclusion, level up, do dungeons, sell equipment, do daily missions and more and repeat.



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