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MapleStory 2 – Money Making Tips

20 October 2018, Saturday, 19:19:37

Money Making Tips

-Black Market: It’s your friend, any tradable gear you dont need, sell it. Have some harder to obtain items? Post it in the Black Market.



-Story Quests: You get a decent amount of money upon quest completion so make sure you do those.



-Premium Players: In addition to the black market discounts, Premium players can…



*Use those free helicopter rides, save yourself money.



*Do premium dungeons, These are solo dungeons that you can do once a day and you may walk away with 250,000 cash.



Making Merits: Design items and upload them to the store, if people like and buy them, you make merits, simple as that.



Red Merits: Can be given from special events, prestige, or special blue merit bundles in the cash shop (Don’t expect to get these any time soon or at a regular pace, but when you do get them hold onto them, there may be a rare item you want at some point, the items in the shop seem to be on a rotation).



Maple Coins: I recommend using your maple coins on the monopoly board instead of the spin will, because the auto gathering, fishing, and music playing are hard to come by and will save you a lot of time and real world money if you’re lucky enough to land on one.



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