MapleStory 2 – Prestige Rank


Prestige Rank

When your character reaches level 50, any experience they gain will contribute to Prestige Experience.



Prestige Rank applies to all characters at level 50 and higher in the server they reside in.



You can obtain 1,000,000 Prestige Experience (one Prestige Rank) every day and any experience gained past this value will be reduced to 2% until daily reset.



When a new character reaches level 50 with an account’s existing prestige rank, they obtain all attribute points that the prestige rank bestows.



At prestige rank 95, a new character when they reach level 50 will be granted 50 attribute points.



It would take at least 3 years to complete your account’s prestige rank if the game lasts that long.




Rewards – Item

Rank 2: 500,000 Meso Pouch

Rank 3: Attribute Point x2

Rank 4: 500,000 Meso Pouch

Rank 5: Attribute Point x2

Rank 6: 1,000,000 Meso Pouch

Rank 7: Attribute Point x2

Rank 8: 1,000,000 Meso Pouch

Rank 9: Attribute Point x2

Rank 10: Trailblazer Name Tag

Rank 11: Attribute Point x2

Rank 12: 1,000,000 Meso Pouch

Rank 13: Attribute Point x2

Rank 14: Attribute Point x2

Rank 15: Attribute Point x4

Rank 20: Trailblazer Chat Bubble

Rank 25: Attribute Point x4

Rank 30: Trailblazer Effect Badge

Rank 35: Attribute Point x4

Rank 40: Meister Laurel Crown (Headgear)

Rank 45: Attribute Point x4

Rank 50: Sage Wings Fishing Badge

Rank 55: Attribute Point x4

Rank 60: Maple Planet (Air Mount)

Rank 65: Attribute Point x4

Rank 70: Trailblazer Damage Skin

Rank 75: Attribute Point x4

Rank 80: Meister Light Wings (Cape)

Rank 85: Attribute Point x4

Rank 90: Elemental Light Effect Badge

Rank 95: Attribute Point x4



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