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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Cheats & Secrets

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Cheats & Secrets

Unlockable Outfits


Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

During the first chapter, Rocket Raccoon misidentifies Groot as an enemy. Crawl through a small opening on the right side after the cut-scene is finished to find the costume.



Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse

After defeating a couple of enemies in the third chapter, use Groot to build a bridge. Don’t go back to the mission area; instead, take the other route. Freeze the waterfall a little ahead to find the costume at the top.



Nova Corps.

During the 5th chapter, do not climb the scissor-shaped platform to progress ahead. Instead, go all the way to the back of the forklift to get the costume.



Annihilation – Conquest

Continue ahead but keep looking to the right side for a small opening with purple light during the section where Groot lights up the area. To get the costume, squeeze through this opening.




Use Wind to open the blocked area behind Groot on the left side once Drax has cleared the blocked path in Knowhere in the 11th chapter. After that, request that Groot build a bridge – the costume should be on the right.



Five O’Clock Sprouts

Cross the narrow ledge in the 13th chapter but avoid the poisoned area. Instead, look for the costume in a small opening on the right side.



Golden Guardians

At the end of the 14th chapter, the last costume is automatically unlocked.




Guardians of the Galaxy (2004)

Rocket will inform the Guardians in the first chapter that the right path leads to a dead end. To get the outfit, go to the right and look for a little ledge to the left. The outfit should be at the area’s end.



Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Take the elevator down after solving the puzzle in the Throne Room during the fourth chapter to find some unconscious enemies. Continue forward and vault over the table, looking for a small opening at the bottom of the boxes where you can crouch to get the outfit.



Nova Corps.

After coming out of the ventilation shaft in the 7th chapter, shoot at a nearby terminal to open a room that has the outfit inside. Remember that Star-Lord can use his visor to locate the terminal/room easily.



Hero of Halfworld

Send Rocket inside a small hole (near the statue) to open up a new pathway after defeating enemies in the caves in the 10th chapter. After that, squeeze through the area and use Groot to propel upward – the outfit should be near the top.



The Smuggler

After the Knowhere market is set on fire in episode 12, take your time. Look for debris that the Wind can clear – the suit is hidden behind the debris.



The Stinger

Activate Star-Lord’s visor to look for a couple of plants next to each other in the icy area with poisonous plants – the outfit is behind them.



Golden Guardian

At the end of the 14th chapter, the last costume is automatically unlocked.



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