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Mary Skelter: Nightmares – Affection Event Locations

20 July 2018, Friday, 7:20:21

Affection Event Locations

After raising your affection with a Blood Maiden by giving her gifts, specific events become available to view, which unlock more Massacre skills. While the majority of these events take place in the Liberated District, some of them are located and have to be viewed in the dungeons after reaching the point that they have to play. The locations for these particular events are as follows:


Red Riding Hood:
Downtown – Area 3


Snow White:
Temple – Area 2


Dorms – Area 1


Hidden Character:

Station Grounds – Area 3
Jail Tower – Area 3


Additional note: Some Affection Events are gated by the main plotline. For example: While all of Alice’s events are available as soon as you raise her Affection, some of Kaguya’s require you to reach a certain point and will not play before then, no matter how high her Affection is.



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