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Mary Skelter: Nightmares – Miscellaneous Information and FAQs

Miscellaneous Information and FAQs

If you’re stuck or confused at a particular point in the game, some of these might help.



Locked Chest in the Graveyard

There is a locked chest located in the Graveyard, which cannot be opened when first found. To open it, a Prison Key is required. It contains a healing item, although by the time you think to go back and check it said item isn’t worth much.



Temple Nightmare Boss Battle

The Nightmare in the Temple area has a different fight compared to the other area Nightmares. Rather than a parts break battle in real time followed by a turn based battle against the stripped Nightmare, this fight is entirely in real time, in a small area just for the battle. To defeat the giant Nightmare, you have to run to the porch on each floor and engage it, and defeat the segment of the Nightmare there, hopefully revealing a crystal during the battle. If a crystal is revealed, destroy it. Destroy all the crystals to defeat the boss. If you happen to find and destroy the crystals early you won’t have to fight all the floors.


When navigating the floors, the boss will unleash attacks that affect groups of tiles. These can be blocked with Kaguya’s Bamboo Guard, or you can move out of the way. Tiles will flash and change color in warning before they are hit, similar to one of Compile Heart’s other games, Trillion.


Additionally, there are objects scattered about the floors that do some bonus damage to the boss. Use the appropriate Blood Ability on them, such as Snow White’s bombs on the cannons.



Heart in the Waterside

If you’re stuck in the Waterside and not sure how the advance, you need to head to Area 3 and find the heart shaped slate. After obtaining it, use Thumbelina’s Blood Ability, Tiny Princess, to shrink it. Head back to the locked door with the heart indent on it. It will open, and you can proceed to the next area.



Collecting Notes

These notes slowly unlock a prologue story that was sold separately in Japan. You should easily find them during the normal course of play, they’re placed in the paths you have to go to clear the dungeons. Read the unlocked story after collecting the last page to understand some events that happen after the point the last page is picked up.



Character Endings

The Blood Maiden whose ending you get is determined by the affection points. If they’re all maxed out, you get the ending of the Blood Maiden in the first slot of the party.



CG Gallery Unlocks

The various character ending CGs are unlocked by finishing the game per character/class. For example, if you finish using Marshal Alice, you’ll unlock that particular ending CG, but not Fighter Alice’s ending CG.


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