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MarZ: Tactical Base Defense Cheats

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Tips & Tricks

Here are some “Pro Tips” which are not directly visible in the game.




Most of the shortcuts are also explained in the options menu.


Ring menu shortcuts

Use 1, 2, 3, and 4 inside a ringmenu to call the most important functions: upgrade, send crew, repair, and sell.



Shortcut “c”

This one can save you a lot of time in the heat of the battle.


If you don’t know where your available crew is, press “c,” and the game will select all available crew members.


Alternatively, you can also click on the crew button in the top main bar.



Right-click on a building

Activates the crew tool, this way, you can directly send a crew out of a building without opening its ring menu.



Double right-click on a building.

This will evacuate a crew out of a building. It can be very useful if a building is about to explode.



Tactical Tips and Tricks


  • Your resources are very important. Always try to extract all of the available crystal fields.


  • Upgrade your extractors as early as possible.



Sell buildings

  • Do not hesitate to sell buildings to build other buildings.


  • Energy Hubs can be rearranged if you need to build towers differently.




  • Not enough crew? Reallocate them, and don’t forget the crew members in your extractors and research buildings.



Enemy indicators

  • Always have an eye at the enemy indicators on the edge of the screen. If there’s a check-mark, you can ensure no more enemies coming from this direction. Sell your buildings at this front to use the resources elsewhere.




  • Don’t forget to use your perks. Some are helpful.


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