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Mass Effect: Andromeda Complete Controls Guide (PS4)

9 July 2017, Sunday, 13:33:41


Mass Effect: Andromeda Complete Controls

These controls refer to the default controller scheme. You can change your controller scheme under Pause Menu > Game > Settings > Controls > Controller Scheme.


General Controls

Look – Right stick

Move – Left stick

Sprint – L3 Button

Jump – X Button

Vault/Mantle/Climb (near ledge) – O Button

Hover (while in the air) – L2 Button (Hold)

Evade – O Button

Interact – Triangle (Hold)

Use scanner – D-Pad Down Arrow

Swap camera view shoulder – R3 Button

Zoom to aim weapon – L2 Button

Fire weapon – R2 Button

Reload – Square Button

Equip last weapon – Square Button (Hold)

Open Weapon Wheel – Touch Pad Button

Holster weapon – Touch Pad Button (Hold)

Melee (near target) – Triangle

Power 1 – L1 Button

Power 2 – L1 Button + R1 Button

Power 3 – R1 Button

Command squadmate to attack/ take position – Left / Right arrow

Command both squadmates to attack/ take position – Up Arrow

Rally squadmate – Left  arrow button (hold)/Right Arrow button (hold)

Rally both squadmates – Up Arrow button (hold)

Pause menu – Options Button



Nomad Controls

Look – Right stick

Re-center camera – R3 button

Steer – Left Stick

Accelerate – R2 Button

Brake/Reverse – L2 Button

Hand brake – R3 Button

Jump – X Button

Turbo Boost – Square Button

Toggle 2WD/ATM – L1 Button

Headlights ON/OFF – Down Arrow Button

Toggle mining computer – Left Arrow Button

Deploy mining drone – R1 Button

Exit vehicle – O Button

Return to Tempest – Triangle Button (Hold)



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