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Material Girl CG Collection Guide

22 June 2017, Thursday, 17:16:56


All the Events Listed in this post. Check this out before you get reading this guide.

Material Girl Events and Endings Guide

CG collection
There are 16 CGs to collect. The way is listed as follows:
1. Go to school in the morning and choose give up during the sexual harassment from the teacher.
2. Talk with your classmate and let him lick your feet.
3. In event 10, you fail to beat those bad guys.
4. In event 11, you fail to beat those bad guys.
5. In event 5, you don`t leave the health room and approach your teacher.
6. Complete event 3.
7. Complete event 6.
8. Complete event 7.
9. Complete event 8.
10. Complete event 12.
11. When you work in bread, choose quickly check out three times. If you want to avoid the sexual harassment from the shop manager then choose check the goods in the first and second time and choose quickly check out at the last time.
12. Work at convenient store.
13. Work at♥♥♥♥♥♥bar.
14. In event 21, choose the second choice three times.
15. Complete event 19.
16. Complete event 20.
17. Complete event 16.
18. Complete event 17.
19. Complete event 25.
20. Complete event 24.
21. Complete event 26.

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